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Thinkin of buying Fabarm XLR5 Sporting

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by hunters3, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. hunters3

    hunters3 TS Member

    May 6, 2011
    North Carolina
    Is the gun worth the money? I have read various threads and it seems some shooter get them and sell them for reasons not given. The gun come with a nice price tag and before investing in the unknown I would like the pro / cons. If any Fabarm owners are out there your input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. LDAddi

    LDAddi TS Member

    Mar 9, 2013

    Well, here goes what I can tell you and my opinions...all will not agree but many will I believe;

    * I guess it can be considered expensive by some standards, still at or under $3K. Mine was "pre-owned" and not used much by a woman who was using a left-hand model 11-87 and there is a weight difference and they should not have purchased a 32" model for her in the first place. It is essentially the same gun as is for sale a few threads above this one and I paid $2500 a little used. JMO.

    * For those $$ you get just about everything you can or may want to do to your trap/sporting gun without spending anymore on aftermarket mods. The exception to this statement would be if you use release triggers (I do) and even those are half the $$ you get into with break-open guns....ask me, I own a dozen or so releases and that has been costly. Otherwise, that adjustable stock, rib, cant, cast, etc is all there for your pleasure and it all works well. These guns are entirely usable for trap, skeet (30" please), sporting, hunting, etc. Not to be overlooked is the recoil reducer screwed onto the end of the stock bolt just under the recoil pad, nice feature as well. BTW, the adjustable comb works well and stays put with no problems.

    * Function has been extremely good, not one failure to feed in several thousands of rounds with reloads (mostly Promo and Green Dot, Cheddite, and Fiocchi, Claybuster and Downrange) and the use of quite a lot of factory Remington, Estate, Wallys, Top Guns, etc. No problems with steel-based shells at all when compared with the premium brass head stuff. A deflector is necessary when shooting trap doubles next to squad mates and they are available. I've heard complaints about soft firing pin hits resulting in no "bang". I've had two of those with Estate reloads with Fioc and Ched primers with several thousand of reloads. None at all with reloaded STS of Gun Club line of hulls. Hasn't been an issue with any factory loads at all.

    * I had one bolt handle break off at the bolt while shooting trap. They are a two-piece threaded design and it broke where the post screws onto the flat piece. It was replaced with no cost and they requested the remaining piece to examine, which I sent to them. This occurred in a trap round and the person ahead of me had a blooper to clear. I had just closed the gun on the next shell and when I reached to open the gun while the squad-mate cleared his problem, the protruding post handle just wasn't there and was never found. When I asked for two of them (one extra) they said it shouldn't be necessary and didn't think it would happen again. The piece was easy to get out of the bolt as they are designed to simply pop out with the rim of an empty shell as a lever tool and it does work. I still wonder if I shouldn't buy another extra...so far, so good. No other problems have occurred with this gun.

    * Cleaning this gun is like any other auto, you have to like auto's to do it, although after using LH 1100's for years, it's no worse than that. However, it you ever watched the "How To Cleans These Guns" video on the Fabarms website, it's not just a "wipe off the parts with clean rags and lightly oil) as they show you in the film.

    * The Negrini case the guns come in are pretty tough and functional. However, they are HUGE by comparison to others, being 48" plus long, 6" thick, and 12" or so wide. It fits nicely in an old "John Hall" case I have that is pretty much half the size.

    * I have had occasion to contact FabArm in Maryland several time as described above. Call 410-901-1260 and you'll probably get Joe directly. He is a great contact and it's just like calling the local hardware store or the like. Once you dial that number, he usually answers directly and you don't have to punch a number for this, a number for that, etc....you all know that drill. It's such an easy contact that it's almost worth buying the gun cause you can just call the guy and he talks to you. Good service that way so far.

    OK, I quit for now...and probably missed something else to say, probably not bad though because there hasn't been that much bad happen. Anyone feel free to ask me questions and I'll be non-biased about it. I just happen to like these guns pretty well.

    Oh, hey Joe...If I wanted to buy a 30" adj. rib bbl. with it's own choke tubes to supplement what I have, what's the $$ for that and is fitting required?? You can PM me with this one if you want...thanks.

    Larry Addison

    Redding, CA
  3. trapman69

    trapman69 Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Warrenton Mo
    I have the velocity. I'm selling it because I want to go back to a single barell thought I would maby shoot some sporting clays but just not going to happen.
    I think its a fantastic gun especially since I'm left handed the only true left hand out there. Don't really have anything bad to say about it. Tom R

    SMOKEIT Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I put about 5,000 rounds thru one. To me they ares similar to a Lujic--you either really like them or you hate them. I fall into the later catagory. Glad to get rid of mine.
  5. kacharley

    kacharley Member

    Feb 23, 2012
    I have one with a release trigger and it really does not like Noble Sport ammo. Plenty of misfires with NS ammunition--probably 4 to 8 per round. Even when the ammo goes off has a very light primer hit. I think Noble Sport primers are very hard. Some folks thought the gun was not going completely into battery, but I had a gun smith use his head space gauges and the trigger went off even using the no go gauge. It works really well with all other ammunition i.e. Herters, Federal, Winchester, Remington, Clever, and my reloads using Winchester primers. I think if the firing pin was made to travel a few thousands farther it would work with all ammo. I like to use the cheaper ammo when I travel for tournaments so I don't have to worry about saving the hulls.
  6. MDshotgunner

    MDshotgunner Active Member

    Apr 21, 2012
    I've never shot one but I've handled one at a dealer. If you have small hands you probably aren't going to like it. I can't reach the trigger comfortably when my hand is on the pistol grip properly.
    mpolans thanked this.
  7. mpolans

    mpolans Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2014
    If you have small hands or short fingers, definitely handle one to see if you can reach the trigger comfortably. I was very interested in one until I handled one and figured out the grip to trigger distance was too much for me.
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