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The Supreme Court Hears the WashingtonDC case

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by birdchipper, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. birdchipper

    birdchipper TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Well, the Supreme Court listened to arguments today on the Washington DC handgun ban. I think this is something we have never seen in our lifetimes. I'm very interested to see what the court will eventually say. Although I believe, of course, in the right to own, I can't imagine they will say "welcome back to the old west."

    Apparently, at one point the subject of reasonableness was discussed and Chief Justice Roberts said something like "what is reasonable about a complete handgun ban?" Upon reading this, another question popped into my head: "what is reasonable about completely banning the discharge of a firearm anywhere in a town?" (As they do in the town I live in, but nobody seems to be bothered by it.)

    This made me think of Storyville (the red light district) in New Orleans in the early 1900s. (A place I would have loved to hear the music in.) The New Orleans government, trying to contain the geographic area of naughtiness, had actually passed laws prior to Storyville that said "if you are going to be a lady of the evening, you have to live in such and such a place." Some "ladies," not wanting to move, had taken these laws all the way to Louisianna's highest court, where they were struck down. They ruled for the ladies, saying you can't make a law that regulates something that is already illegal. So City Councilman Story suggested a law that would say "if you are going to be a lady of the evening, you can't live here"--and then defined "here" as everywhere but what would eventually be called Storyville. This held up in court.

    So I guess I am saying I wonder if DC would get around the ban being struck down by writing a new law that says something like: "Sure, you can own it, but fire it for any reason and you are a criminal."
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