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Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by wireguy, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. wireguy

    wireguy TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I wrote this essay a while back as a way of explaining the demise of a once free people. While it isn't a perfect parallel to our recent election, and is rather apocalyptic, (it is after all, a tale) I think the genetics parts of it come pretty close.

    THE STUPID GENE by Douglas Scott
    Every collection of people that survives the elements for long enough to begin making it's own community rules establishes it's own unique culture. While some cultures don't survive long enough to become successful and prosperous, and die out before they reach that point, even those which do succeed and prosper are doomed to the same fate. These successful cultures contain within them the seeds of their own destruction, and it is their very success that allows these seeds of destruction to germinate and grow and flourish, and eventually to take over and destroy the very culture that spawned them. This seed of self destruction is contained in the genetics of all mankind, and is what I call the stupid gene.
    When a culture has survived long enough to begin establishing it's own rules or laws of community, that culture has doubtless survived some tough times. Nature is relentless in weeding out the weak, the infirm, the un-cooperative, and the stupid. Whenever a culture gets started, the very dangers and difficulties that they must overcome in order to survive ensures that the idiots in that culture will be weeded out. The dangers and difficulties are their own weeding out process, and only those souls that have some real smarts and capability and resourcefulness will survive. Those hardy souls will produce offspring that contain the genetics of both parents, parents who were smart and capable enough to last long enough to reproduce.
    As time goes on and the culture begins to not only survive, but prosper, the native intelligence of it's people begins to be displayed in the difficulties they overcome, the success of their endeavors, and ultimately in the ease of life which those successes brings about. It is this very success however, that contains the seeds of that culture's ultimate demise. You see, every culture of men contains the "stupid" gene.
    The stupid gene is that bit of genetics which leads to stupid people. Early in our representative culture's beginnings the stupid gene was caused to become recessive. Those stupid people who carried the stupid gene as dominant simply didn't survive long enough to procreate and pass the stupid gene on to their offspring. Thus in the surviving members of that culture and in the culture itself the stupid gene became recessive, and the people survived and prospered because of the native intelligence of it's surviving people.
    However, with survival and prosperity comes an easing of life, and with that easing of life people aren't subjected to the rigors that weeded out the stupid people of earlyer generations. As time goes by the population in the culture increases due to the easyer conditions that culture faces, and as more and more people survive and procreate who wouldn't have made the cut in earlyer generations, the stupid gene, which had been recessive, begins to show up again, and in later generations actually becomes dominant. Now this isn't to say that there are no longer any smart, tough, resourceful, capable people in that culture. Far from it, it is the very existence of those smart people, and their successes, which makes it possible for the stupid people to survive and procreate. However, it requires absolutely no intelligence to procreate, and actually requires some intelligence not to. So unsurprisingly the stupid people procreate in numbers far greater than the culture's smart people.
    At some point in that culture one of the stupid people who also carries the politician gene figures out that he or she can garner votes by stealing from the produce of the smart people and giving the proceeds of that theft to the stupid people. At that point the entire natural bias toward success in that culture shifts and the stupid people begin to dominate the culture in every respect. The smart people aren't called smart for nothing, and as the burden of taxes, fees, licenses, permits and other assorted methods of extortion begin to suppress the ability of the smart people to produce, they begin using their smarts to overcome the burdens placed on them by the stupid politicians, but first one and then a few and then entire hundreds and thousands and ultimately millions of them simply give up in the face of ever increasing roadblocks to success and quit producing. Now of course when you have stupid people who also carry the politician gene, they have to establish bureaucracies full of people to extract those taxes, fees, licenses, permits and other assorted extortions. These jobs are considered unattractive and even treasonous to smart people who aren't into raping their fellow man, so these bureaucracies are staffed with stupid people who aren't smart enough to fathom the concept of morality. The politician needs to keep these masses of stupid people happy, because they are what keeps him in power, so the politician makes sure these jobs pay better and have better benefits than what can be typically found in the real world job market. The stupid people who staff the bureaucracies are terribly inefficient, so naturally it requires far greater numbers of them to achieve the same results as could be expected from smart people, and it also requires large numbers of stupidvisors to achieve any effectiveness at all. Of course the stupivisors within those bureaucracies are paid according to how many stupid people they stupidvise, so they are always seeking to hire more stupid people and grow the size of their bureaucracy. Thus the numbers of stupid people who are making their livings by extorting from the smart productive people eventually crushes the ability of the smart productive people to keep up with the demands of the stupid people, and the culture begins to implode. At some point the culture reaches a tipping point at which the smart people simply refuse to continue to produce, only to have their attempts thwarted and their hard won production stolen. As fewer and fewer smart people produce, there are fewer and fewer services and goods, and fewer and fewer smart people to extort, and the bureaucracies begin to run out of money to pay the stupidcrats. The bureaucracies begin to extort ever greater amounts of good and services from fewer and fewer producers until one day the entire system collapses in a terrifyingly swift manner, and the once fat dumb and happy stupidcrats are, in a single day, left with no job or income. At this point savings extorted from the smart people are used to strip store shelves of food and water and life necessities, but the system has collapsed and there are no replacements for the last of what the producers produced. In about 1 1 /2 weeks the total supply of food and consumables has been consumed, and bellies begin to ache, and the stupid people do what stupid people have always done - they riot, destroying everything in their path and razing the land of the last crumbs. As those crumbs too are consumed, the stupid people turn on each other and anyone else they can get their hands on in their stupid rage at having their stupid, fat, and happy lifestyle taken from them. In a short time murder, starvation and disease has razed the land and after a spasm of unbelievable violence, those stupid people who have survived to that point form gangs and, traveling in numbers, rape the land of the last of it's hidden produce, finding and attacking those smart people who foresaw the end coming and prepared for it. Sometimes the stupid but cunning gangs prevail and sometimes they are slaughtered, but ultimately they too succumbed to violence, starvation and disease, until all that is left is a hand full of smart people, in a savage land, in difficult circumstances, with nary a stupid gene dominant among them.....
  2. trapshootin hippie

    trapshootin hippie Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2007
    Texas, where else?
    Dang, from the title I thought ya were talking about me.

    Gne J
  3. recurvyarcher

    recurvyarcher Well-Known Member

    Apr 26, 2006
    Would make a good movie.
  4. dkdevries

    dkdevries TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    There is a good movie along these lines...it's very funny. It's called "Idiocracy" and stars Luke Wilson and Maya(sp?)Rudolph.

    Doug DeVries
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