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The REAL Persident????? Jarrett?

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by Jerbear, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Jerbear

    Jerbear TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I wondered why she got Secret Service detail and the Benghazi got not security?


    Like I promised you, the current 72 hour event cycle appears to be ramping up the Benghazi Massacre scandal that has now likely shot up to concern #1 for the Obama White House before the second debate. Romney campaign feeling good about things. Real good. Not sure if you got this timeline published by The Hill. I am sending you some of that outline with my own comments. Feel free to publish or just keep it for yourself. This is to let you get an idea how we/they are forming this up leading into tomorrow night’s debate....

    .....One last thing. Got a story that came back my way. A little dated now but figured you’d like to hear it. Few days or so after the first debate. When it finally started to sink in just how badly Obama did and how Romney was really starting to look like he could win this thing. Jarrett went ballistic upstairs. Inside her office in West Wing 2. Remember how I told you how there is her office upstairs and then Obama’s study just down the hall? How Obama spends most of his time in the study and hardly any time downstairs in the Oval?

    Anyways, Jarrett was blaming everyone around her for Obama’s performance on the debate. This got back to Plouffe who has apparently become more and more agitated over Jarrett’s influence. She’s not only trying to coordinate Obama’s brain but now telling the operatives how to handle the campaign and that’s got Plouffe biting nails over what to do with her. So she is holed up in a meeting with somebody from the White House Counsel in her office and comes out pissed. Sends staff to go get Plouffe. His office is downstairs right next to the Oval. Where Axelrod used to be. Plouffe is down there a lot more than Obama is. The poor bastard is trying to coordinate the plans from Chicago, and Jarrett’s interference from upstairs. Not an easy job. Jarrett decides to make the trip downstairs herself. Now this kind of thing with Jarrett, her pushing people around, it happens a lot these days. It’s become her thing. When it gets back to her how people call her the defacto president, she likes that. A lot. Makes her smile to hear it. Like she told Obama a while back. He might not like his life but she does. And she’s living it.

    I’m guessing she’s not even sure if Plouffe is on the premises because he has been spending more time in Chicago with all the others, but down she goes. No word on if Obama was around in the version I got. Maybe he was still in his study. Or over at the residence. Doesn’t really matter. He has depended on the script more and more these days and that script either comes from Jarrett or is approved by her if it comes from someone else. She controls everything going to and from the president.

    So down she goes to West Wing 1, and she’s got that look everyone around there is so familiar with. Queen Jarrett on the warpath. Needs somebody to blame for her boy f-cking up so bad during the first debate. Got polls getting shaky. Got a fundraising red alert going out. She enters Plouffe’s office. Comes right back out. Has words with an assistant down there. Not sure who. But the assistant apparently gives as good as she gets. Then another woman steps in. From the description I’m thinking it’s Smoot, though I thought she was out of town at that time but the description fits her. Like so many of them, she’s been back and forth to Chicago as well. Now you got to know that Julianna is a good company individual. Good at what she does. Wall Street connected. Carolina girl. Especially well thought of with some high profile members of Congress. A hell of a lot more thought of than Valerie Jarrett. Good at the cash box. And for those people, cash is always king. So if Jarrett was going after Smoot on that day, I can see her discovering a woman more than willing to push right back.....

    Read the whole story, it's interesting.

  2. WS-1

    WS-1 Banned User Banned

    Oct 28, 2009
    I just read the whole story! It is interesting! Thanks.

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