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Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by train222, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. train222

    train222 Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2007

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    <title>THE MAKING OF A CUSTOM STOCK</title>


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    From Start to Finish


    Let me first preface this thread by stating that my first
    love has always been and always will be the World of the Shotgun Shooting


    Unfortunately medical conditions and the loss of the sight
    in my left eye has made me physically unable to compete any longer…


    So, several years ago when these problems first started, I
    looked for another venue to extend my desire to still be able to do some type of


    Thus I entered the world of Air Rifle Shooting…..


    Over the years I have acquired a very extensive collection
    of High Power, PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) Air Rifles that are manufactured all
    over the world.


    No longer doing any restorations’ to my own Shotguns (they have
    all been completed). I decided I wanted to have a custom FT Stock
    (Field/Target) made for one of my Air Rifles.


    I decide to have the stock made for my .22 Caliber FX
    Monsoon Semi-Automatic Air Rifle.

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/Monsoon.gif>

    Step #1…Deciding Which Style Stock I Wanted:


    I searched the web to see if I could find any stock makers
    that specialized in Air Rifles. After several weeks of searching and comparing
    costs and styles I decided on Paul Bishop Custom Air Rifle Stocks to make my
    stock for me. Paul went way out of the norm to discuss all options available,
    what there function where and what options would work for me. After we agreed on
    the style and options that the stock was going to have, it was now time to find
    a blank of wood for the project. All of our discussions where basically done Via
    Email, which made it very, very convenient for the both of us.


    <span style="text-decoration:
    none"> </span>Step #2…Wood Selection:


    <span style="text-decoration:
    none; font-weight:700"> </span>

    Paul is a master wood craftsman who has spent the last 25
    years creating and finishing Custom Guitars. He knows his woods and how to
    finish them as the pictures in this blog will attest to. Everyone of Paul's
    Stocks is A Free Form, Hand Carved Creation. No two of his custom stocks look
    the same. Paul does not keep a large inventory of blanks in stock. He
    prefers his customers purchase the blank they want and then send it to him.


    He gave me several different web sites to look at, that
    offer a wide selection of all different types of woods. I had several weeks to
    find a blank because Paul had a couple of projects ahead of mine. I was trying
    to keep the total cost of the project under $1,000. Which in today's day and age
    it is almost impossible to do so.


    I started to look at the web sites that offered stock
    blanks for sale. I could not believe how many different types of woods,
    variations and grades that where available. I know I wanted a type of wood with
    really nice grain and and color that would really POP when it was finished.

    Every time I found a blank that I liked, I would send a
    picture of it to Paul for his opinion. He would get back to me right away with
    the pros and cons of the blank. Unfortunately every blank that I liked pushed my
    project budget way over the top. I couldn't believe how much money some of this
    blanks cost.


    Then I ran across a thread on Trap Shooters.com that was
    all about Wood Blanks for Shotguns and Rifles. This is when I found out about Mike Mann,
    owner of White Creek Gunstock Blanks...Mike came to the rescue. I had spoken to
    him on the phone and told him about my Air Rifle Project. The next day he sent
    me several pictures of different blanks that he had available that fit my
    requirements. All of them where some form of Walnut. He did mention in the email that he
    had a very nice Chocolate Myrtle Blank that would also fill the bill.


    Since I was not familiar with Chocolate Myrtle or any type
    of Myrtle wood, I asked Mike if he could send me some pictures of the blank. As
    soon as I saw the pictures of the blank, I knew this was the one for my
    project. I sent the pictures to Paul and he agreed 100%. I called Mike and we
    made the deal for the blank and he sent the blank direct to Paul. Here's the
    pictures that Mike sent me:

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/100mrytle.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/100mrytle-2.jpg> <br>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/100mrytle-3.jpg> <br>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/100mrytle-4.jpg> <br>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/100mrytle-5.jpg> <br>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/100mrytle-6.jpg><br>



    Let the Work Begin!

    Paul and I had decided that the muzzle and the grip area of the stock was to
    have some nice contrasting wood to set off it's lines . I also wanted the stock
    to have a Pacmyer Pigeon Recoil pad. I didn't care for the Morgan type recoil
    pads that where being used by most of the Air Gun Stock makers. Paul emailed me
    the following photo showing the preliminary layout, several samples of the wood
    accents and the recoil pad. We selected the Marble Walnut for all of the accent

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/layout1.JPG>

    The next steps in the project was to cut the design out on the band saw. Making
    the cuts for the adjustable comb and adjustable forearm. Add the operating
    hardware for the comb and forearm and gluing up the accent pieces. The picture
    shows all of these details and now the stock is ready for the hand carving and
    shaping. The most artistic part of the project. It amazes how much the stock
    really takes shape going from one step to the next step. You really get a feel
    of what the finished project is going to look like.

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/roughcut.jpg>

    The following two pictures show the stock fully shaped and ready for the next
    step. The sanding stage. Paul told me he will spend the next four to five days,
    just sanding the stock to get it ready for the final finish. You can really see
    the the grain and the color of the Chocolate Myrtle.

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/shaped1.JPG> <br>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/shaped2.JPG>

    I was told by Paul, that Myrtle wood is an extremely hard wood. So, it takes
    longer for the sanding process to be completed. Now that all of the sanding has
    been complete, Paul sent this set of pictures showing the first coats of sealer
    applied to the stock. Once this stage is completed, than the final finishing
    begins. With only the sealer coat on you can really see the grain and color
    really PoP!

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/DSCN0089.JPG>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/DSCN0090.JPG>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/DSCN0091.JPG>


    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/DSCN0092.JPG>

    Paul just
    emailed me the pictures of the completed rifle..WOW!...This is way more than I
    expected. Absolutely FANTASTIC!..I am picking up the rifle on Saturday...Can't
    wait to see it in person...I will install the F/T Scope and add some pictures..

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/mon1.jpg>


    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/mon2.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/mon3.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/mon4.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/mon5.jpg><br>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/mon6.jpg>

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    Here are some photo's of the finished Air Rifle with A Leapers 8-32 x 56 Swat Scope with Side Wheel.


    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/view/1280777247830_mono1ab.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/view/mono2a.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/view/mono3ab.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/view/mono4a.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/view/mono5a.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/view/mono6a.jpg>

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/view/mono2a.jpg>

    Thanks for looking...

    Stu Gabriel (MrGun)

    You can check out my entire
    Gun Collection at.......


  2. BROWNST100

    BROWNST100 Member

    Sep 23, 2008
    Stu...that is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeff P

    Jeff P Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    man, I hope it shoots right, after all that....

    second that, its very nice!!
  4. Hal1225

    Hal1225 Member

    Oct 5, 2009
    Mr, Mr Gun, Stu Gabriel, You hit the loto on this one!! What an outstanding piece of art you and your team created. Thank you very much for taking the time to display it. Have you put a name to it yet? Ever try shooting shot gun shell primers at 50 yards? I did once and the primer came back and cut my little finger, lucky it didn't hit my eye as I shot without glasses for years. That was real dumb and stupid, not using glasses and shooting at live ammo. My Dad taught me better , but that's why he called me "Big Jackass". I don't deserve to see such a nice air rifle!! Good luck and thanks for the pictures.

    Best regards,

  5. Calkidd

    Calkidd Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Central Valley
    Looks good, but it looks like your HTML code effected the rest of the thread.
  6. train222

    train222 Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2007

    Yes I know, that's the first time this has ever happened on any of my posts. Tried to re-do the HTML, but it didn't work. Don't understand what happened.


    Stu Gabriel (MrGun)
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