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Testing the waters: Rem 1100 LH Target gun

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by skeet_man, May 9, 2007.

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  1. skeet_man

    skeet_man Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Rochester, NY
    hello all. Due to problems with my current place of employment, i'm contemplating a possible short term career move and thinking about going back to school in the fall to persue an interest in machining, and i need to build myself a war chest to get me through the summer as i'll probably be taking a pay cut in moving to a different job. In order to give myself a little bit of a cushion, i'm thinking of selling my 1100 left hand 12ga target gun. Here are the specifics:

    -Blue Painted Monte Carlo stock w/ adjustable recoil pad and soft top adjustable comb. I painted the stock myself, but it came out very well, and other than being a simple one color scheme, it could probably not be differentiated from a professional job. Stock has some decals under the clearcoat, but the stock could always easily be stripped and repainted (or refinished back to wood) if you don't like the color or decals.

    -High grade cut checkered target forend (only stock was painted as it was a very plain piece of wood, forend came from a tournament grade gun).

    -Tricked out 28" 1187 barrel that was converted for target use. Gas system on the barrel has been bypassed to make it function w/ 2 3/4" target loads, and works very well on the 1100 action. Barrel has also been Proport Pigeon ported, and they also lengthened the forcing cone. Barrel also has a custom made aluminum 1/8" add-ob rib thats been matte black powdercoated, as well as a hi-viz comp-sight.

    -Gun would come with 7 bore matched non-ported angleport chokes (i have Cobra, .005, .010, .015, .020, .025, and .030).

    -Gun comes with a small assortment of spare parts, which include a link, i believe an extractor, some trigger springs, and I believe some other small parts (probably $20-$30 worth of parts).

    Finish on the metal is 95%, approx the same on the wood. This gun was only used for approx 2 seasons, and has approx 5k rounds through it.

    Pictures may be available shortly, i just need to find a trigger to throw in it and put the comb piece back on (i was using the comb for another project so its not w/ the gun right now).

    Near as I can figure, i have close to 1k into this gun, probably more. I'd be interested in selling it for $750 (should I decide to sell it) and i'd cover shipping.

    This would make a great skeet, trap, or sporting clays gun. All the possible trick work has already been done on it, the only thing this gun needs is shells.

    I'll know in the next couple days if i'll need to left this go or not, at which time i'll repost this as a proper for-sale advert. If you want a jump start in line, please send me an email and i'll start a list of interested parties should i end up needing to sell it.
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