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Stress Relief? There are apps for that

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by GrandpasArms, May 6, 2013.

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  1. GrandpasArms

    GrandpasArms TS Supporters TS Supporters

    Nov 11, 2010
    About 40 miles west of Chicago, IL
    I am posting this in the OT area, but I am certain there is a direct correlation between stress and shooting performance. Perhaps I should also post in the Shooting section?

    One of the most damaging responses we experience is unrelenting stress. It must be brought under control or our health suffers - big time. There are uncounted studies that demonstrate how stress interferes with every aspect of living, even our ability to shoot well. Most coaches will explain the benefits of being relaxed and able to concentrate on the task at hand - breaking targets. Some of the better ones offer suggestions for reducing stress.

    I attended a health seminar last Friday and stress seemed to often show up as one of the major underlying problems. Discovering how to handle stress is vital. Before handling it we need to understand where it comes from and how to prevent it. We can work with any variety of professionals to achieve mastery over stress, but at what cost - the real dollars?

    Instead of searching for professional help, the course instructor described how apps can be helpful. I downloaded a few of the free versions and began using them immediately. To measure stress I am using Stresscheck by Azumio. I also use Instant Heart Rate from the same company.

    Stress Doctor is a form of biofeedback – a simple exercise ON the phone that helps me lower my stress levels. For example, my stress level ranked about 60% and fell to 21% after doing some deep breathing and using Stress Doctor for 5 minutes.

    An app called Nature Sounds allows me to create simple music and nature sounds that have a powerful relaxing effect. This app is particularly nice when trying to get to sleep. There’s an auto shut-off feature that slowly reduces the volume at present times.

    Nobody can promise that any app will help, but doing something to reduce stress seems a valuable activity for overall health and well-being. I’m imagining how there will be a performance benefit in my quest for better scores.

    Larry J. Frieders, RPh
    The Compounder Pharmacy
    340 Marshall, Unit 100 ~ Aurora, IL 60506 Tel: 630.859.0333 FAX: 630.859.0114
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