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Stockton ZZ Report

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Guy, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Guy

    Guy Banned User Banned

    Jan 29, 1998
    This may be alittle distasteful to some of you.....and you surely must know that in light of my history, I mean absolutely no disrespect, no uppity inference, or anything remotely personal in my following comments......BUT....

    WE SUCK!!

    I mean.....what a bunch of stinky scores.....even worse than my stunt of last month.....well, maybe not quite that bad. But, what is it?? Scores seem to be on the way down......and it seems to me that there are only two acceptable explanations for the malaise.....The first is....Ricky Pratton really does mess with you guys.....you hear that voice from six fields away, and you turn into a trembling shotgun weenie, quake in your jeans, and pray he doesn't call you out!! Good grief.

    Next, and this really is a sad commentary.....we ain't got what it takes.....it's that simple. We are destined to shoot 16's and 17's for the duration. Oh, don't get me wrong, I enjoy what simple pleasures I get from occasionally losing my mind......and judging from the conversation and yukin' it up that went on yesterday, I'd say you guys feel about the same. But damn.....where are the 24's of yesteryear? (I know, Ken Kirsten was asleep at the wheel yesterday with his 23, so what?) Do you think that maybe the absence of the (Please don't tell them I said this) BIG DOGS, has us bringing each other down? Instead of them dragging us up? I don't know. I don't mind having a decent shot at my own money.....but I also think those boys probably do more for us than we care to admit.....and, their conversation, performance, and personalities always add to the day's disposition. Damn it.

    So, I'm coming back next month whether you like it or not.....I've got a 28 in me just dyin' to get out.....and I especially would like to waste it on you heroes.

    Next Shoot.....Sunday January 1 - New Years Day.

    Here are the scores from yesterday:

    HOA: Ken Kirsten 23 - $360.

    Front 15: 60% David Petrychka $220

    40% Joe Panetta, Dave Peck, and Steve ? split $140

    Back 15: 60% Joe Panetta and Dean Kolnes split $360

    40% Ken Hudson $140

    Joe Panetta limped into the Miss 'n Out to the tune of $260.

    We're having fun now!!

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