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Spring Grand

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by RodRitter, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. RodRitter

    RodRitter Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    Attended the Spring Grand. And it was Grand. Weather cooperated, new facilities are outstanding. The puller/scorers were trained. An outstanding shoot from this humble participants view point.
    Rod Ritter
  2. minnship8

    minnship8 Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2011
    Really enjoyed the shoot. They were by far, the best targets I have ever seen in my very limited trap shooting experience. The shoot was run very well, with one exception.

    It seemed to take forever once the shooting was completed to announce the shoot offs and get them started. Factoring into this, I believe, is the lack of technology used. I was impressed with the way RJ Stuart's integration worked so smoothly at the Dixie last month. It seems pretty remedial in todays environment. I understand that many of the people running the shoot are not from the tech savvy generation, but the learning curve on this stuff is relatively short.

    I pre-squadded for the event on pre-squad, only to find out that they had given away my squadding assignments for the first day because I wasn't there by 3pm the previous day to check in. This shouldn't happen if I've paid to pre squad, and is just another small flaw in the lack of implemented technology.

    I know at my local club here, many of my friends watched RJ Stuart's real time results to see how our members were faring at last months Dixie Grand. At Tucson, sometimes those scores weren't available until the next day...and even then, you couldn't see what the purse breakdowns were. IMHO, I believe that fixing this issue would be a stepping stone to helping attract and keep new shooters, especially those that have been raised in the tech generations.

  3. Hap MecTweaks

    Hap MecTweaks Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Mesquite, Nevada
    Chip, the two yards off slowed the process somewhat for starters. Figuring out all the extra categories and where they fit in the scheme of things added even more time too. Both of these new applications slowed the process for deciding who's in the shoot-outs and for what. Unless RJ programmed all that in prior, he too would have slowed somewhat also.

    The best west of the Mississippi will get smoother and faster next time too.

  4. Stumpi24

    Stumpi24 Member

    Oct 14, 2009
    Chip, there is good and bad on both programs, I love pre-squad when you squad, you know exactly where your post and squad are. With me flying out I want to know where I am on Sunday's handicap so I can get out on time. And as far as the shootoff don't you think that Dixi 413 shooters and Spring 803 shooters might have something to do with this? As you know with technology you still have to put the info into the computer and with double the info it might take a little longer. And yes I learned the hard way also that if you don't pay by 8:00 AM you squad is released. I have been going for six years spring and fall. I pay on presquad for targets for the first day. Thats not as bad as walking up to shoot and the other three guys that presquad with you don't show up and they did not release the squad and now I shoot with me and one other person, that pisses me off more. I will say I like rj stuart because they show winners by category and it is a little nicer that way. All and all a great shoot and I will be there in the fall, god willing and Ed says. Thanks Stan
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