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Spotted Owl or Amnesty for illegals?

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by Bisi, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Bisi

    Bisi TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    The Senate has voted to bring the 1000 page Immigration Amnesty bill up for debate. This is going be a tough one for those of us who are sensitive and caring. Sure I want to grant citizenship to the 11 million undocumented citizens in our mist, and when they become citizens they can then bring in their extended family members. I've seen that number with the extended family members in the 50 to 60 million range.

    I love those people and want em here, but the dilemma is they will need homes and jobs, oil, cars and all the amenities of being a full fledge legal American citizen.

    I guess the question is can we absorb those 60 million new citizens and still have the Spotted Owl? Where will the lumber come from for those new domiciles that will need to be built? From the Spotted Owl's habitat?

    We'll need food and jobs for the new citizens. Will we have to plow the Yosemite Valley and plant it in vegetables to help satisfy both requirements?

    If the new citizens consume oil at the same rate as the natives we will need another 3 to 4 million barrels of oil a day. Can we up production enough by drilling off the coast of CA? I heard there is oil less than a mile off of Malibu. Nobody could object to putting a rig there, could they?

    How about water? A lot of our new immigrants seem to be attracted to living in the Southwest. Only problem is lack of water. We could solve that by running a pipeline through Madison, WS that would suck water out of Lake Superior and transport it south. Ditto for a pipeline going through downtown Chicago that would drain Lake Michigan.

    What do we do liberals? We can't have our cake and eat it too. This time we can't have both. Do we have amnesty for illegals or save the Spotted Owl? Do we have amnesty or oil rigs off Malibu and in Monterrey Bay? Do we have amnesty or plow the Yosemite Valley? Do we have amnesty or suck the Great Lakes dry via a pipeline through Madison?

    Tough decision for a liberal.
  2. broadway john

    broadway john Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2012
    New Jersey and New Hampshire
    That is a lot of people. Are there enough Spotted Owls to eat all of them?
  3. Brian in Oregon

    Brian in Oregon Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Deplorable Bitter Clinger in Liberal La La Land
    There better be. We've devastated the logging industry here to the point where some timber counties are going bankrupt. One has virtually no police protection, Basically they only investigate murders.
  4. timberfaller

    timberfaller Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2007
    Eastern Washington
    Not to worry, Obo will take care of the illegals just like he exempted the Wind farms from "Fines" for killing "listed" birds!!

    Spotted owl anyone? Taste like chicken I hear!!!!!
  5. EuroJoe

    EuroJoe Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2008
    Spotted owls are the dumbest critters on earth, and are doomed to extinction.
    But then again, 99% of all species that ever lived on the planent are extinct, so what's the big deal?