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Southern Zone Shoot - Bostic N.C.

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by blade819, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. blade819

    blade819 Banned User Banned

    Jun 20, 2007
    My many thanks to Ken and Joy Duncan and the rest of the Bostic Officers and members for helping make this past weekend a successful Zone shoot. I shot the very best that I've shot in 2 years of competition shooting my first ever 100 in thursdays singles. I don't believe that I've ever shot with so many GOOD shooters and the competition was strong both locally and in the Zone. Thanks to John Hiter also. We had great weather, great birds and the friendliest people ever.

    John Granacki
  2. One Eyed Left Handed

    One Eyed Left Handed TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    C'mon guys, somebody post some scores for NC!
  3. jdar46

    jdar46 Guest

    Go to:
  4. WNCRob

    WNCRob Member

    Apr 10, 2007
    Also, a special thanks to all the trappers/scorers/house attendants, etc. Those folks did an outstanding job, were extremely pleasant, and helped make this a great event...I hope we can use this crew again in the future.

  5. FRedmon

    FRedmon Active Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    Jamestown NC
    The scores were posted at 10 PM Monday night +/-.

  6. THALL

    THALL Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    First time up there. Nice folks & great targets. Tim Hall
  7. phirel

    phirel TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Fred- Of all the photographs you made of the shoot, you had to post the one that had Jim Dotson in the foreground. Was that really necessary?

    Pat Ireland
  8. BAP

    BAP TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I agree with the first post. The targets were excellent and the shoot was run very well. The trap help was new but very cautious and professional. My only problem was everyone shot so good that my best scores weren't good enough to win. A lot of effort went into holding a shoot like this and many people worked long hours prior to our arrival to have the club ready. Bill Parson Jr.
  9. Ken P. Duncan

    Ken P. Duncan TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    JULY 17-20, 2008
    Event 1 – Preliminary Singles – Thur July 17, 2008
    77 entries Open Site: NC
    Class AAA Trey Wilburn 150 c/o w/Nora Ross149; Randy Ross 74 100
    Class AA Mark Isner 50 c/o/Dennis Taylor49 100
    Class A Chuck Patterson 49 c/o w/ Pat Ireland 48; Peter Harllee 24; Michael Evernham 22 99
    Class B Cyndee Gullett, GA 100
    Class C John Granacki, GA 100
    Class D Dan Wilburn, VA 94

    Event 2 – Preliminary Handicap
    82 entries Open Site: NC
    19-21 Dan Wilburn, VA 94
    22-23 Roy Price, NC 94
    24-25 Jeri Wilson, NC 96
    26-27 Royce White, KY 100

    Event 3 – Preliminary Doubles
    67 entries Open Site: NC
    Class AAA Randy Ross, KY 98
    Class AA Ray Gaultney, NC 50 c/o w/Danny Ryan 47 98
    Class A Harold Sims, GA 95
    Class B Arlie Griffus, AL 94
    Class C Wayne Sinclair, Al 44 c/o w/Aaron Cobb 39 91
    Class D David Vaughn, SC 82

    Event 4 –So Zone Doubles Class Fri July 18, 2008
    Open Site NC: entries 105

    Class AAA Kevin Parrott, KY 98
    Class AA Bill Parson, AL 100
    Class A Bob Hancock, TN 46 c/o w/Larry Williamson 43; Gary Hamrick 42 96
    Class B Matthew Barber, SC 94
    Class C Randy Knight, SC 44 c/o s/Deambra Allsup 42; Jerry Ricker 40 94
    Class D Larry Hill, FL 94
    Lady Nora Ross, KY 97
    Sub Junior Trent Inman, TN 94
    Junior Jordan Foley, KY 96
    Veteran Charlie Brown, NC 99
    Sr Veteran Ken Duncan 94

    Event 5 – Dixie Handicap

    Open Site: NC entries 133
    Champion Nora Ross, KY 99
    19-21 Brian Breslin, NC 97
    22-23 James Ivey, III, NC 96
    24-25 Ronnie Gullett, GA 94
    26-27 Trey Wilburn, VA 97
    Lady Deambra Allsup, TN 96
    Sub Jr Trevor Chaffin, SC 92
    Junior Keith Parrott, KY 91
    Veteran Charlie Brown, NC 96
    Sr Veteran Ken Duncan, NC 97

    Event 6 –So Zone Singles Class Championship
    Open Site NC: entries 135

    Class AAA Trey Wilburn, VA 100 c/o w/John White 74; Jim Wilson 74; Kevin Parrott 74 100
    Class AA Jim Henderson, GA 24 c/o w/George Brown 23 100
    Class A Billy Thigpen, NC 50 c/o w/Harold Sims 49; Robert Middlemas 24; Lary Williamson 23; George Sudderth 23; Ralph Harrelson--forfeit 99
    Class B Edgar Tibbs, WV 24 c/o w/Jeff Ryals 22 99
    Class C Terry Lovins, VA 98
    Class D Trevor Chaffin, SC 93
    Lady Nora Ross, KY 100
    Sub Junior Johnathan Eubanks, KY 99
    Junior Aaron Cobb, SC 99
    Veteran Dennis Taylor, NC 25 c/o w/Charlie Brown 24 99
    Sr Veteran Ed Stevens, NC 99

    Event 7 So Zone Singles Championship Sat July 19, 2008

    Open Site NC: entries 171
    Champion Ken Duncan, NC 25 s/o w/Trey Wilburn 24; Dean Upchurch 23 200
    Class AAA Trey Wilburn, VA 200
    Class AA Dean Upchurch, SC 200
    Class A David Sickmeyer, GA 199
    Class B Gary Hamrick, SC 196
    Class C Jef Solomon, NC 195
    Class D Dan Wilburn, VA 193
    Open Lady Nora Ross, KY 199
    Open Sub Jr Trent Inman, TN 193
    Open Junior Keith Parrott, KY 24 s/o w/Jordan Floey 23 198
    Open Vet Wayne Sinclair, AL 25 s/o w/Chuck Patterson 23 198
    Open Sr Vet Ed Stevens, NC 198

    Event 8 – So Zone Doubles Championship Sun Jul 20, 2008
    Open Site NC: entries 124
    Champion Kevin Parrott, KY 19 s/o w/Bill Parson 18 100
    Class AAA Bill Parson, AL 100
    Class AA Danny Ryan, KY flip o/Royce White 99
    Class A Bruce Whittemore, NC 96
    Class B Dennis Taylor, NC 95
    Class C Hannah Tollison, SC 96
    Class D Richard Colley, TN 93
    Open Lady Nora Ross, KY 98
    Open Sub Jr Brandon Painter, SC 91
    Open Junior Mark Lane, NC 93
    Open Vet Neil Alexander, SC 95
    Open Sr Vet Ken Duncan, NC 96

    Event 9 – So Zone Handicap Championship
    Open Site NC: entries 145
    Champion Royce White, KY 98
    Runner-Up Kevin Parrott, KY 23/24 s/o w/Jeremy Eubanks 23/21; Bob Hedrick--forfeit 97
    3rd Place Jeremy Eubanks, KY 97
    4th Place Bob Hedrick, TN 97
    5th Place Hannah Tollison, SC 25 s/o w/George Brown 24; Sean Power 24; Don Kaufman 24; Jim Wilson 22; Ray Grimes & Randy Ross--forfeit 96
    6th Place George Brown, NC 21/24/25 s/o w/Sean Power 21/24/22; Don Kaufman 21/23 96
    Open Lady Nora Ross, KY 97
    Open Sub Jr Johnathan Eubanks, KY 90
    Open Junior Jordan Foley, KY 93
    Open Veteran Charlie Brown, NC 23/24 s/o w/Henry McGinnis 23/22; Ralph Cornett 20 96
    Open Sr Vet Larry Hill, FL 92

    118 entries Open Site: NC HAA
    Champ Kevin Parrott, KY 396
    Lady Nora Ross, KY 394
    Junior Jordan Foley, KY 377
    Sub Jr Trent Inman, TN 367
    Veteran Charlie Brown, NC 386
    Sr Vet Ken Duncan, NC 387
    Chair David Vaughn, SC 351

    52 entries Open Site: NC HOA
    Champ Royce White, KY 979
    Lady Nora Ross, KY 976
    Junior Jordan Foley, KY 928
    Sub Jr Trent Inman, TN 898
    Veteran Charlie Brown, NC 968
    Sr Vet Norm Franklin, GA 883
  10. FRedmon

    FRedmon Active Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    Jamestown NC
    Mr. Ireland,

    It was certainly a pleasure to shoot with you Friday it was the highlight of my weekend!

    Mr. Dotson had no knowledge that the picture was being taken and as you know tends to like to be the center of attention:)

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