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Southern Zone scores from Winchester Gun Club

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by vatrap, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. vatrap

    vatrap Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Portsmouth, VA
    2008 Southern Zone
    Winchester Site Trophies

    These are the open site trophy winners from Winchester. Beginning with Event 4, Southern zone resident shooters were simultaneously shooting for zone trophies; those results will be published by the zone, but are shown where known.

    Event 1 Clay Floyd Preliminary Singles

    AAA Class Paul Salomon Jr 100 VA

    AA Class Robert Sirk 100 VA

    A Class Ted Carwile 98 VA Vet

    B Class George Newman 100 FL Vet

    C Class Robert Igou 94 VA Vet

    D Class Mike Jeter 98 VA

    Event 2 Royce White Preliminary Handicap

    19-21 Yards Paul Martin 92 WV Sr. Vet.

    22-23 Yards Julius Broadwater 98 MD Vet.

    24-25 Yards Scott Lundgren 95 PA

    26-27 Yards Wilbur Ruhl 98 PA Vet

    Event 3 Royce White Preliminary Doubles

    AAA Class Paul Salomon Jr. 100 VA

    AA Class Ted Carwile 97 VA Vet

    A Class Robert Sirk 98 VA

    B Class John Domas 94 VA

    C Class Brent Ligon 95 VA Jr

    D Class Douglas Haines 85 WV Sr.Vet.

    Event 4 Southern Zone Doubles Class Championship

    AAA Class Paul Salomon Jr 99 VA

    AA Class Ted Carwile 96 VA Vet

    A Class Bob Brino 94 VA

    B Class John Domas 94 VA

    C Class Brent Ligon 96 VA Jr

    D Class Gary Oland 93 MD

    Lady Linda Bobst 83 PA

    Junior Evan Greer 81 MD Jr

    Veteran Sheldon Hostetter 99 PA Vet

    Sr. Vet. Bill Carson 93 VA Sr.Vet

    Event 5 Dixie Handicap

    Champion Elwood Tyler 97 VA

    19-21 Yards Chris Apperson 96 MD

    22-23 Yards Brent Ligon 96 VA Jr

    24-25 Yards Gary Oland 94 MD

    26-27 Yards Rob Owen 96 VA

    Lady Betty Farley 79 VA

    Junior Evan Greer 83 MD Jr

    Veteran Donald Shoemaker 96 MD

    Sr. Vet. Anton Spiering 93 MD

    Event 6 Southern Zone Singles Class Championship

    AAA Class Paul Salomon Jr 100 VA

    AA Class Alan Hemer 99 VA

    A Class Brent Ligon 100 VA Jr

    B Class John Domas 99 VA

    C Class Don Plumly 96 TX

    D Class Joe Murphy 98 VA

    Lady Cassie Hammond 97 MD

    Junior Ivan Greer 90 MD

    Veteran Howard Longerbeam 99 WV Vet
    (Simultaneously Zone Veteran winner)

    Sr. Vet. Dick Santelli 98 VA

    Event 7 Southern Zone Singles Championship

    Champion Blair Surber 200 VA
    (Simultaneously Zone Runner up)

    AAA Class Steve Hawkins 200 VA
    (Simultaneously Zone AAA Champion)

    AA Class Brent Ligon 198 VA
    (Simultaneously Zone Junior Champion)

    A Class Paul Salomon 198 VA

    B Class Gary Oland 196 MD

    C Class Ronald Moreland 194 VA

    D Class Mike Jeter 192 VA

    Lady Cassie Hammond 198 MD

    Junior Evan Greer 186 MD

    Veteran Howard Longerbeam 199 WV

    Sr. Vet. Anton Spiering 196 MD

    Event 8 Southern Zone Doubles Championship

    Champion Clay Floyd 100 VA
    (Simultaneously Zone Champion)

    AAA Class Paul Salomon 100 VA
    (Simultaneously Zone Runnerup)

    AA Class Darrell Dowler 99 WV

    A Class John Domas 98 VA
    (Simultaneously Zone A class winner)

    B Class Howard Longerbeam 94 WV

    C Class Bob Igou 89 VA

    D Class Rick Demerle 88 VA

    Lady Cassie Hammond 92 MD

    Junior Brent Ligon 90 VA

    Veteran Earl Pinkard 98 VA
    (Simultaneously Zone veteran winner)

    Sr. Vet. Dick Santelli 92 VA

    Event 9 Southern Zone Handicap Championship

    Champion Ron Sutton 99 MD

    2nd Frank Erwin 98 MD

    3rd Clay Floyd 97 VA

    4th Brian Crum 96 MD

    5th Jeff Warren 96 VA

    6th David Young 96 VA

    Lady Cassie Hammond 94 MD

    Sub.Jr Davis Weddle 70 VA

    Junior Brent Ligon 89 VA

    Veteran Steve Sutton 96 VA

    Sr. Vet. Douglas Haines 94 WV

    Event 10 High All Round 400 Targets – no site trophies

    Champion Clay Floyd 397
    (Simultaneously Zone champion)

    Vet Blair Surber 388

    Sr.Vet Dick Santelli 373

    Jr Brent Ligon 377

    No sub jrs, ladies, or chair shooters completed the 400 targets

    Event 11 High Over All 1000 Targets – no site trophies

    Champion Paul Salomon Jr 981

    Vet Ted Carwile 954

    Sr.Vet Dick Santelli 928

    Jr Brent Ligon 954

    (Simultaneously Zone junior winner)

    No lady or sub junior shooters completed the 1000 targets

    A state team race was shot concurrently with Event 7. The results for the 10 state teams are:


    Paul Salomon Jr 199

    Clay Floyd 200

    Steve Hawkins 200

    Trey Wilburn 200

    Philip Earls 196


    Kentucky 994

    North Carolina 985

    Alabama 983

    Georgia 980

    West Virginia 980

    Tennessee 979

    Florida 977

    South Carolina 972

    Mississippi 950
  2. Tatanka Donk

    Tatanka Donk Active Member Verified Youth Coach/Director

    Jan 29, 1998
    Thank You for the prompt posting.
    Don Kerce Fl
  3. trapace

    trapace Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Congratulations to all the winners!!!! See you at the "GRAND OLD DOMINION" September 13, 14 2008 at Winchester Gun Club, Stephenson, VA.
    Y'll come now!
  4. FRedmon

    FRedmon Active Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    Jamestown NC
    North Carolina's site is posted at the website above!

    Mash on NC Trapshooting - Shoot Results

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