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South End GC website...dedpair

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Mac V, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Mac V

    Mac V Guest

    Your email address comes back "permanent failure: unavailable" and there's no contact info on the web site itself.

    Saw that you carried the South End web site address in you header and thought you might be connected to them in some way or know someone who is.

    The South End web site does not work properly for me using Internet
    Explorer 7. I have tried it on 4 separate non-networked, malware-free
    systems using fully patched versions of IE 7 and the site fails to
    load on any of them. On 3 of them, the background color loads but
    nothing else will and eventually IE throws a pop-up saying that it has
    encountered a problem and needs to close. On the 4th system, IE simply closes.

    Web site DOES open correctly for me on all 4 systems using either Firefox or Opera.

  2. Pull Bang

    Pull Bang Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    The South End website opens for me. However I get a pop-up window that wants me to allow ACTIVE X controls. I elect NOT to allow ACTIVE X controls. After closing this pop-up the URL for South End functions without any problems.

    My browser is IE 7.


    PS. This is a very good web site, very informative.
  3. Mac V

    Mac V Guest


    http://www.southendgc.com/history.htm or http://southendgunclub.blogspot.com/"

    Nope, no difference. No matter which SEGC page I try to open, it locks up the browser so that I have to use the Task Manager to get out of the loop.

    Interestingly, I CAN open the web site in IE 7 from WITHIN Firefox using a Firefox add-on and I can open it in IE 7 thereafter because it's in cache. But if I re-start any of the systems, I get a lock up and a browser shutdown trying to use IE 7.

    ActiveX isn't an issue. Because of my security systems, I have no reason to disable it so it runs on all the systems when in IE.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.