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Sold-Winchester Model-42

Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by WS-1, May 7, 2012.

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  1. WS-1

    WS-1 Banned User Banned

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Winchester Model-42



    LOP-14 1/4" over reproduction recoil pad

    DOC-1 7/16" (app.)

    DOH-1 7/8" (app.)

    As is obvious, this gun is not original. It was one of my bird guns. About 7 years ago, I decided to upgrade it while I was having it re-rust blued. I selected the wrong person to do the work.

    It is a fully functional dove gun but it needs to be completed cosmetically. I am asking $1150.00, shipped. Thank you! Kit




  2. bling 27

    bling 27 Member

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    Sep 2, 2006
    Does it need to be reblued ? From the photo's the wood looks good. Let me know what it needs to be complete. Thanks, Wayne
  3. sx1skeet

    sx1skeet TS Member

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    Jul 28, 2007
    Not be mean but who f***ed it up so I don't send my gun there. If it was in the 800 range I would be a buyer. Love the grain in the wood but rust blue that was a long way from it. Sorry you fine 42 had to come out that way.
  4. Shooting Coach

    Shooting Coach Well-Known Member

    Rating - 100%
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    Sep 14, 2006
    Nashville Tn
    Lotsa vultures on the forum. "If it was in the $500 range I would be a buyer." LOL
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