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Shooting glasses I like

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Bill Marsh, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Bill Marsh

    Bill Marsh Guest

    Let me say from the get-go that I have no interest in promoting a particular seller of shooting glasses. I just had a good experience and want to share it, I am sure there are other sellers equally good. I have no commercial interest in the following:

    Just got a pair of shooting glasses from Morgan Optical.


    These are the 72mm Sporter models. They have clear lenses that I may replace with single vision prescription. Though I normally wear line-less bifocals, I want only the distance prescription. I don't care to focus on the beads or barrel after I am sure the mount is right.

    I want to focus on the clay. "See the bird, shoot the bird."

    Got three clip-on lenses for the glasses. The first is the CMT "The CMT lens reduces overall light transmission by absorbing the color components of light evenly, much like a standard lens. CMT then relocates this absorbed energy through a quantum shift to convert it into orange colored light. This process automatically adjust under varying light conditions and can deliver up to 250% more orange light than a standard lens of comparable overall transmission."

    With this lens, orange explodes in brilliant color! The other colors pretty much stay the same. This is a spectacular breakthrough. I believe the original technology was to help coast guard workers easily spot an orange vest of a swimmer lost in a huge ocean of blue-green. The good thing for us, particularly older shooters is that the clay becomes a brilliant streak of color. Easy to spot. REALLY stands out!


    But since this does darken the light transmission slightly, I also got lenses of yellow and vermilion for the overcast days and shooting in darker areas.

    They can make prescription CMT lenses, but i decided against this because they are quite expensive and if my prescription changes, I would need to get another pair. With clip-ons I can get the glasses fitted with prescription lenses.

    I am really pleased with these and think I got a good deal from Morgan Optical. I talked with Wayne, who really helped me choose which pair of frames and particular lenses for Sporting Clays.
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