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Shoot Events - How Do You Choose?????

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by WindyCity, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. WindyCity

    WindyCity TS Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    I have seen other threads asking how you rate clubs, however, I have a three-part question. I know I am asking a lot of information, but I am trying to help our local club establish a game plan for the 2009 ATA season.

    1. How do you personally choose which shooting event or club to go shoot at? Is it distance from your home, quality of targets, quality of the club, people at that club, awards given, or some other reason?

    2. What type of awards or add-ons would you like to see given more of at events? Free food, awards for every class such as belt buckles, shooting bags, etc.

    3. How much are you used to paying per 100 targets for events offering quality prizes and additional prizes.

    I am looking for some quality information. Thanks in advance for your input. I really appreciate your help.

  2. FN in MT

    FN in MT TS Member

    Oct 25, 2007
    100 registered tgts are $26 plus the two buck day fee for the ATA.

    I've seen everything from shell bags, leatherman tools, Buck hunting knives, belt buckles all the way to; cheap wildlife prints in cheap frames as well as dish towels (?) with a little bit of hand embroidery and hand woven pot holders.

    I'll never forget a guy getting his three embroidered dish towels for winning his Class...looking at them...and tossing them in the garbage.

    FN in MT
  3. maclellan1911

    maclellan1911 TS Member

    Dec 9, 2006
    if you awards table looks like a homeshopping net work spot, you got problems. Good functioning shooting items a ok. nice plagues are ok. I think Cash prizes are a great thing, extra $$ in the lewis. I would like personally a cash option......this is the prize a shooting bag or a cash value. I dont know, I know I dont want a bar set, cheese board or any thing that looks like AS SEEN ON TV gizmos. Even a cheaper gun would be nice, little savage 22 plinker for d class 870 exspress for C class ect ect. Maybe have a small entryfee for the gun prize???? It seems like cash is a great prize.
  4. 682LINY

    682LINY Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    must be nice to have to choose,,,I shoot just about every registerd shoot with in 50 miles of my house,,,,and there are not many over laping shoots,,,so I shoot them all,,,,dont realy give a hoot what the prize is,,,,if its nice ,,,all the better,,,,I go to shoot ,,,and some times to win ,,,,hang out with the boys,and girls,,,and shoot,,,Elysberg has some nice stuff ,,,with some odd ball stuff sometimes,,,anything from august wendel is nice,,,so is tilden,,,,good knife's,,,not china junk like I have gotten,,,shell's are good,,,cash is good
  5. Ed Y

    Ed Y Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Warren New Jersey
    To me, the most important thing is good target setting and friendly, knowledgeable management and help. Clean grounds and good parking. Fairly priced good food. Most AA 27 AA shooters have won enough leather bags, belt buckles etc. etc. so I think that they might appreciate cash and shells while lower class and shorter yardage shooters might like bags and buckles. Added class/yardage group money based on the number of shooters in each class/yardage group. At most of the clubs that I shoot at around here, approx. 50 percent of the shooters are D class and short yardage so there would be much more money in the D class and shorter yardages. Target costs based on amount of added money and cost of targets.

    Ed Yanchok
  6. Surfside6

    Surfside6 TS Member

    Oct 26, 2006
    #1 Anything within 1 hours drive. Must be registered targets
    #2 It would be nice to have hats , belt buckles, shells, or cash. To many of the trophies are useless.
    #3 Upstate NY 18 to 25 dollars plus 2 for ATA and 2 for nysata
  7. Old Cowboy

    Old Cowboy Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Quality of target setting.......that's what the club is selling, target presentations. Everything else don't mean squat if you don't throw good targets.

    John C. Saubak
  8. phirel

    phirel TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    First, throw good targets. Then, make the shooters feel welcome.

    Distance is a major factor attracting shooters to a one day shoot. I rarely travel over 100 miles for a one day shoot. The next closest club to mine is 60 miles.

    At some shoots, we shoot registered targets for $12/100 and offer no trophies. At other shoots, we charge $15/100 and give back $3 per entry on a Lewis that combines the singles and handicap scores. We might make some changes for next year.

    Pat Ireland
  9. John Thompson

    John Thompson TS Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    Pat, what year are you in? I havn't seen $15 targets for several years. I have shot $4.50 targets. I have seen this to be true, new and young shooters like trophies, older, long time shooters prefer shells or $$$. My home club adds $1. from entries into dbl.s winner, 3 classes of sgl.s and 1 hdcp. When I started 45 years ago, nobody would have come to this club because of this. Most clubs in central Indiana for years had nice trophies or enough shells as trophies. While in Penn. same thing back 7 years ago. Good targets, good targets, club personnel that seem to be glad you came. Current club trap committee pres. has told people "if you don't like it go elsewhere.". I hint on how not to be.
  10. zzt

    zzt Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    SE PA
    I choose by the following, in order:

    good targets, well set, and consistent from bank to bank

    good backgrounds

    how many of my friends are also going

    edible food, or a close by source for prepared eats

    1.5 hour each way max for 1 day shoots

    3 hours each way max for multi-day shoots.

    For multi-day shoots there must be a good B&B or Hotel really close by.

    How well I shoot there.
  11. BrowningGal

    BrowningGal TS Member

    Feb 21, 2008
    Obviously, good targets are a must. I recently shot a couple different times at a small weekly venue where the targets weren't set properly for the first squad out, but always seemed to get reset before the second squad started to shoot... which is, incidentally, where the event organizers were shooting. I'm going to think long and hard before shooting this particular venue again... or if I do go, I'm going to insist on being in the second squad!!

    Second, I'm still a new shooter and like to have something to show for my wins. There was a shoot last year where I won my class or category in four different events and got shells for the prize. I ended up going home with six or seven flats of Estate and AA shells. Don't get me wrong, shells are wonderful! It helped finance my shooting habit for quite a while. However, those shells are long gone. Having the option to take your prize in cash, shells, or doo-dads is a great way to go... even if I have to wait and have my trophy shipped to me after engraving so that clubs don't get in the situation of purchasing trophies and having the shooter choose cash or shells. Obviously, there would have to be considerations for clubs that issue 1099's. Trophies, even shells, don't compute into winnings via a 1099, but cash just may. My point, though, is that, hopefully, I'll get to a point in my career where I would rather have the shells or cash. In the meantime, I'll shoot a buckle or a leather shoot over a shell or no trophy shoot anytime. So, trophies are good, but good trophies are better.

    If no trophies are awarded, the price of the targets should be adjusted accordingly. Smaller clubs may choose to have registered shoots throughout the year, but perhaps one two or three (or whatever number) of those are trophy shoots. The target fees should be different depending on the presence of trophies. We have a club in the area that charges $16 per 100, though I just heard that due to rising costs, they had to raise it to $18 per 100. Very reasonable. I've also shot at clubs where they charge just as much for targets in a no trophy shoot as those that offer quality trophies. That's just wrong...

    One other thing to consider is this. Clearly state your start time in the flyer/program, and then stick to it. Also, don't stop all of the shooting lines during lunch. Keep going. Shooters can eat when they're not shooting. It's not important at a registered shoot for all the shooters to eat together. It's more important that the shoot start on time and proceed efficiently. As much as we love trapshooting, a registered shoot takes long enough without introducing additional delays in the middle of the program. Having a spare volunteer to rotate in on scorekeeping so that scorekeepers can eat in shifts is preferred to shutting down a shoot. Sounds like a no-brainer, but I was at a shoot last year that did just that. The last squad for handicap ended up finishing at dusk... on a field that doesn't have lights.
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