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Results Wisconsin 5 man team shoot

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Boxhorn, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Boxhorn

    Boxhorn TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Listed below are the results of the Wisconsin state Five Man team shoot held at Boxhorn’s this past weekend.

    Class AAA

    JC Ewert 494
    Tesker Manuf. 493
    G&G Builders 493

    Class AA
    Krazy Kanucks 492
    Keeley DEcot Guys 490
    Delavan Sportsmans Club #1 490

    Class A
    Wagners Bar 489
    Rons Lumpers 486
    Southern Lakes Leftovers 481

    Class B
    Shamrock II 484
    Sandbaggers I,II,III,IV,V 482
    Z-Men 479

    Class C
    NBSC’s 4 guys and a gal 476
    Somers Gun Club 472
    Delavan Sportsmans Club #2 469

    Class D
    Shoot for a Cure #2 479
    Berlin Target Terminators 475
    Shoot for a Cure #1 474

    Youth Class
    Team Weston 474
    Burlington Demons 1 466
    Sauk County 457
    Burlington Demons 2 457
    Lakeview youth 448
    Burlington Demons 5 445
    Burlington Demons 7 430
    Berlin Clay Crushers 426
    Burlington Demons 4 408
    Burlington Conserva 6 392
    Burlington Demons 7 377
    Keeley Decot Girls 476
    Midwestern 457

    Madison Spring 466
    Menomonee Falls 5 459.

    Individual Lewis Hit on the following numbers:

    100's paid 27.25
    97 paid 11.25
    95 paid 19.00
    92 paid 16.50

    Team Lewis hit paid 494/493 487 477/476 470 460/458/457
    Team Lewis paid 50/30/20 High Gun each class.
    494 paid $155
    493 paid 77.50
    487 paid 103.00
    477 paid 155.00
    476 paid 51.50
    470 paid 77.50
    460 paid 155.00
    458 paid 93.00
    457 paid 31.00
    Totals listed above are team totals that will be sent to the captains to divide among the shooters.

    Added money paid the following "teams"
    $175 Ewert, Kanucks,Wagners, Shamrock II, NBSC's,Shoot for cure #2
    $105 Tesker, Keeley Decot Guys, Rons LUmpers, Sanbaggers,Somers,Berlin
    $70 G&G Builders, Delavan #1, Southern Lakes, Z-men,Delavan #2, Shoot cure 1

    Thanks much to all.
    Rick Schim
    Boxhorn Gun Club
  2. Trapper John2

    Trapper John2 TS Member

    Jun 20, 2007
    What about the rest of the results from Friday and Saturday and that Calcutta !!!!
  3. Rico46

    Rico46 TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Ricky, Debbie, Melissa and Staff,

    As the Captain of Ron's Lumpers and on behalf of our team ( R.Brohmer, T.Hoppe, B.Hittle, S.Ebsen and M.Monohan ), we would like to thank you for a great shoot and wonderful weekend. We had a competitive team, good targets and no excuses for our misses. The weather was fantastic, the food was good and the comaraderie was great! It was simply a great weekend to just get away and shoot. Kudo's to the WTA for their assistance and the wonderful meal. Special thanks once again to Dick and Arlene who just keep it running. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

    Rick Brohmer
  4. Trapper John2

    Trapper John2 TS Member

    Jun 20, 2007
    Hello Hello Anybody out there ?

    For all the talk that was going on before this shoot ,there does not seem to be much now.

    Are there some problems? What happened ?
    and where are the rest of the results? Who won the calcutta ? if I bought someone and did not stick around for the end how do I find out who won and how much ?

    If you are going to advertise here you should post the results.
  5. Donm

    Donm Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I guess I have never noticed that every shoot that is advertised here posts the rusults here before. Is that something new?

    A couple of short yeardage shooters won. Don't remember there names. I know Luther Ward and Pete Mueller were third. There were around 22 or23 shooters in the calcuta.

    There were no problems that I know of. Sunday went well. Had I believe 78 teams. Score were very high all three days. Weather was unbelievable for the second weekend in a row. Some minor glitches like parking on Sunday. There were some that were a little confused about starting traps. But that was minor. Ran prety close to times posted. And the best teams won.
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