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Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by E. Beaver, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. E. Beaver

    E. Beaver Member

    Oct 27, 2007
    We encountered some winds on the way to Redlands but when we arrived it was sunny, calm and in the 60’s. Redlands Shooting Park has a reputation for not being windy when it is windy near by. That reputation was shattered about mid morning when the winds came on strong. The wind was in our faces and consequently the targets went up, up and up some more. Made for some interesting shooting.

    We had a very good turn out of 8 squads of singles, 9 of handicap and 7 doubles.

    Once again Bill Hunter donated a silver dollar money clip this time to the high B singles shooter won by our new member Lyndle Denson. Welcome and congratulations Lyndle. A delighted Dianne Savage won the silver dollar necklace. Thank you Bill Hunter.

    Thirty-two of the 40 single shooters singed up for our 2nd Lewis. There were 6 winners, 2 ties in each class, winning $53.00 each. Nice!

    Scott Ackerman won ½ the 21 yard handicap jackpot with at 49. Very well done.

    We had 2 guest shooters, Joe Mananke and Brian Austin. Brian was one of our Lewis winners. Hope you enjoyed your day with us and come back again soon.

    The preliminary results are:

    SINGLES 100: AA, Brian McCormick 97, A, Bill Blankenship/Chuck Thompson/Scott Ackerman 95, B, Lyndle Denson 96, C, Joel Chantry 92, D, Terry Fredrick 95, Vet, Al Yapelli Jr. 95, Jr. Justin McCormick 83, Lady Dianne Savage 91.

    SINGLES 50: C, Sam MacAnally 42

    HANDICAP: 27, Jerry Preston 46, 25-26, Jim Irvine 42, 22-24 Greg DeWitt/Lyndle Denson 45, 21, Scott Ackerman 49, 20 Roger Plank 45.

    DOUBLES: AA, Terry Bilbey 45, A, Brian McCormick 48, B, Shively 43, C, Dianne Savage 46, D, Brian Donahue 41.

    CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: Terry Bilbey 185.

    HOA CHAMPION: AA, Tie, Brian McCormick and Jerry Preston 183, A, Scott Ackerman 183, B, Larry Haugen 173, C, Joel Chantry 169, D, Terry Fredrick 164.

    Thanks to Terry and his staff we had a very good day despite the wind.

    See you at our next shoot, Sunday, April 6th.
Thread Status:
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