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Regional SCTP Success at MCSC

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Shooting Coach, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Shooting Coach

    Shooting Coach Well-Known Member

    Sep 14, 2006
    Nashville Tn
    We just finished our first Regional SCTP Championship shoot at Montgomery Co Shooting Complex. Many thanks to all those Volunteers who made the shoot happen. Trap on Saturday, Skeet and Sporting on Sunday. A lightning strike curtailed our Five Stand warm up, but we prevailed. Good targets, good food, good turnout. Concessionaire Steve Shelton and the crew at the Complex are class acts.

    The State SCTP Championships will be May 28-31. Skeet on Thursday, Sporting and Skeet on Friday, and of course, Trap on Sat and Sun. Things may change a little. We expect a trainload of young athletes, parents, and coaches. TWRA officers will be on hand to help out. The MCSC has been turned into a Regional Training Center by our Wildlife Resources Agency, and several elected officials.

    Promatic has returned with a vengeance and insured that the many new machines are at their peak. These machines are the new gold standard. They are very easy to set, relentlessly reliable, and hold their zero very well. Sporting machines can be hopped up with a two minute spring change to give you a target that will mow down trees! Or, a "trainer" spring that throws a snoozer you will likely shoot in front of. LOL

    Sunday, after we got the Skeet machines up and hooped, and Sporting tweaked, we did not get out of the clubhouse to fix a machine. Saturday, we had several new, untried Trap machines needing fine tuning. The shoot was very, very smooth, considering it was the first large shoot at the Complex.

    Montgomery County Shooting Complex is ready for major shoots. There are also Pistol, Rifle and Archery ranges. Last but not least, the only Bunker open to the public in the state is there too.

    We hold a Handgun Carry Class there once a month, from 8-4. ALL funds go to the Range Improvement Fund. The Instructors donate their time. I have been told the class is very good. I, along with other trainers, am humbled to have a small part in this noble cause.

    BTW, the kids shot for the cost of targets. Thanks, TWRA, elected officials, including Senator Doug Jackson, and last but not least, Gov Phil Bredesen.

    Also a footnote to Bob Schultz for zipping a radar to me at their cost at a moments' notice. :^) An eager employee at MCSC got the club radar a little too close to a Promatic's throwing arm. (oops)
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