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Recently Discovered Top Secret Document

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by pyrdek, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. pyrdek

    pyrdek Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    NW PA
    Following is e recently discovered TOP SECRET document. It was discovered in the files recently recovered from a far north Air Defense Radar Site in Iceland. It is believed to have been released on 24-DEC-1967 at HOFN AFS, Iceland. It is now suspected that the information gathering and dissemination program may have been compromised by the top ranking officer receiving the reports at the site listed in the memo.

    Subject: New(?) Secret Craft being developed at Arctic Base?

    There have been recent rumors surfacing regarding a new (or at least
    recently discovered) clandestine airborne delivery system being developed
    by unknown sources at a far north Arctic based secret development center.
    It is believed that the secret base is heavily camouflaged since numerous
    aerial reconnaissance and satellite intelligence gathering missions have all
    returned with only "snow" on their monitors. One mission did, at first,
    seem to offer some photographic information however this was later ruled
    to be an artifact of the photographic processes used. The anomaly appeared
    as a single stripped vertical cylinder displaying red and white stripping.
    There was an indication of it perhaps having a "curved or hooked" upper

    This base seems to be involved with only a single program. It does appear
    that more than a single government may be involved in the staging of this
    project. This is based on the fact that although there have been numerous
    supposed sightings of the craft and personnel involved in this program,
    no government has yet undertaken any seriously funded action to discover
    the basis for these "sightings".

    The craft(s) in question appear occasionally on AC&W radar "screens" operated
    by several northern countries but "sightings" have been reported at all
    locations on the globe at one time or another. There have also been
    unconfirmed reports that Air Defense Pilots and other pilots flying the
    northern commercial air routes have visually spotted this craft and its
    pilot. A curious thing about these sightings is that they seem to peak
    shortly after the winter solstice, last for about a week and then seem
    to vanish for almost a year. It is possible that geomagnetic anomalies
    at this time of year may contribute to a partial failure of the "stealth"
    systems this vehicle employs.

    It is believed that the system involved is used as a heavy cargo hauler with
    "stealthy" characteristics which allow the pilot to enter or exit virtually
    any and all airspaces almost undetected. Other characteristics of this craft
    would seem to indicate extremely high speed operation with a globe circling
    endurance capability. It is unknown if mid-air refueling capability supports
    this mission. No evidence of ground based fueling, other than a few "cookie
    crumbs and white liquid residue" and an occasional apple or carrot shaped organic residue
    have been noted in the operations area of this craft and its pilot.

    Another system seems to be either under co-development by the same contractor
    or perhaps it is being developed by "extremely low factual sighting" personnel.
    This group (nicknamed elfs) is often seen in conjunction with the above
    mentioned craft.

    This related system seems to be related to "stealthy" ingress and egress of
    a single individual into almost all facilities, including military housing,
    operations centers, hospitals, and commercial shopping centers. The only
    indication that entry may have occurred is the very rare spotting of ashes
    or soot in the area of direct combustion heating systems. It is believed that
    this system allows the person concealed by it to enter, most often under
    cover of darkness, while being unseen by virtually any observer. Numerous
    attempts to detect these late night visitations, especially by observers
    blessed with the especially sharp vision of younger children, have always
    proved fruitless. There seems to be no illegal intent with these entries,
    especially since most often the intruder leaves various colorfully wrapped
    objects behind while departing the area.

    On the occasions when an individual has reportedly been sighted conducting
    these missions, the sightings have been proven to be less than verifiable.
    This seems to be due, in many instances, to an (over?) indulgence of
    various ethanol based liquids on the part of the observers. In the cases
    where no such liquids have been consumed, the sightings are debunked solely
    on the basis of an over-active imagination on the part of the observer.

    So I would like to ask all potential observers to keep a sharp eye scanning
    the northern skies, especially in the period of December 24,25 for any
    sightings of this craft, it's pilot or support personnel (Elfs) or
    especially its propulsion unit(s). (The reported propulsion units which
    have been reputed to power this craft are so incredible as to not
    even justify printing more detailed information other than there appear
    to be eight (or on foggy nights, nine) units (perhaps a visual anomaly
    since this ninth unit seems to exhibit a reddish glow not shown by the
    eight "normal" units). It is also thought possible by some technical analysts that this reddish glow may be residual radiation from some sort of infra-red guidance system.

    If you should detect such a craft or it's pilot please file a report to
    the office of Sub Normal Aircraft Flying Units (SNAFU), Attn: Colnel Kris Kringle, at Internet
    555-1212@Polar.NP It should be noted that this site is only active,
    and hence sightings can only be reported, on the SECOND TUESDAY of NEXT WEEK!


    There is additional information on the Chief of this program available at:
  2. omgb

    omgb Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Santa Clarita, CA
    We used to track Santa across the sky from the pole when I was with both AADC and NORAD.
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