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Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by major146, May 1, 2012.

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  1. major146

    major146 Member

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    Sep 11, 2007
    Western New York
    Up for sale is a FACTORY RECONDITIONED RCBS The Grand 12 gauge press.
    This press was a store demonstration unit that was suppose to be in working condition.
    I was unable to get it to work properly so I sent it in to the RCBS factory for them to fix it.
    They rebuilt the entire press and put a bunch of new parts in it. When I got it back it looked & worked like a brand new press. I tried loading with it and made 4 boxes of shells that came out perfect.
    It is set up for the following load:
    Remington Gun Club or Winchester AA hulls
    1 1/8 oz. shot
    18.3 grains of Red Dot
    Claybuster CB 1118-12 Wad
    And a Cheddite 209 primer.
    This recipe works great for trap or skeet and makes a shell that is 1200fps but you can adjust this press for whatever load you want to make.
    It comes with the following bushings for powder, RCBS # 452,453 & 474 and is equiped with a 1 1/8 oz. shot bushing.
    It has both a 6 point and 8 point crimp starter.
    The powder and shot hoppers are new so they are very clear and easy to see through.
    It has an automatic primer feeder tray that will hold an entire box of 209 primers and includes a spent primer catcher.
    The original instruction manual also comes with it.
    RCBS is very easy to deal with, they have a great technical assistance team and will replace any broken or worn out part for free no questions asked.
    This press sells for $750 new but for a lot less you will have a press that will last you and your descendants for many years. The rate of loading is about 300 shells per hour. If I didn’t already have a good 12 gauge press I would definitely be keeping this one.

    Here is what RCBS says about the press.
    Designed for the shotgunner who requires accurate, precision shotshells for
    hunting or clay target shooting. Start a hull at station 1 and insert a wad in
    the wad guide at station 4. All other functions are performed automatically by
    The Grand. Once in full operation, a loaded shotshell is dispensed each time
    the handle is cycled through the full down and up strokes. The case-activated
    Powder System means no hull, no powder dropped and therefore no spillage,
    and there is no need to manually turn the powder on and off. Located at the
    front of the press, the powder charging station makes it easy to view the powder
    charge and conveniently remove the powder-charged hull for weighing the
    powder charge, if necessary. The Powder System provides three positions for the
    Powder Measure: “ON”, “OFF”, and “EMPTY”. To completely empty the powder
    hopper, attach the drain tube and turn the powder measure to “EMPTY”. The
    powder will then drop back into the powder can at the bottom of the drain tube.
    Powder Bushings easily interchange in about 30 seconds, and are available for
    all popular loads. Hornady® Powder Bushings may also be used in The Grand
    charge bar. Powder Hopper fits 1 lb. of your favorite smokeless powder.
    The Shot System is also case-activated, quick and simple. No hull/wad, no shot
    and best of all, no spillage. No need to continually turn the shot measure “ON” or
    “OFF”. The shot system is easily drained. Attach the drain tube below the shot
    measure. Shift the Shot Measure to “EMPTY”. Shot then falls back in the shot
    bag or container. Shot Bushings easily interchange in about 30 seconds, and
    are available for most popular charge weights and shot sizes. Hornady® Shot
    Bushings may also be used with The Grand charge bar. Shot Hopper capacity is
    25 lbs. Through the unique combination of the Powder System, Shot System and
    Universal Case Holders, the user can load just one hull at a time without the fear
    of spilling powder or shot. Conversion Kits are available for changing to 12- or
    20-gauge as required. These make the changeover quick and easy. Everything
    you need to make the changeover is included. U.S. Patent No. 6,772,668.
    NOTE: Not for use with black powder.

    It’s a great press for a small price. Thanks for looking!
    550 + shipping
    716 six 9 three- 3 two 3 seven
    More pictures are available upon request.
  2. rrose

    rrose TS Member

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    Jan 29, 1998
    Nice looking press, I was looking for a nice one like this but gave up and bought a used 366 that should arrive tomorrow.
    Nice press for some one.
  3. major146

    major146 Member

    Rating - 100%
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    Sep 11, 2007
    Western New York
    Press is sold pending funds
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