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RAFFLE to support youth shooting / GREAT PRIZES

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by roger8918, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. roger8918

    roger8918 Active Member Verified Youth Coach/Director

    Jan 29, 1998

    Hello, I am selling tickets on behalf of the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters, a youth clay target shooting team that was first organized in 2006. The team competes under the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) put together by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF).

    The Scholastic Clay Target Program provides school-age participants with the opportunity to showcase their competitive shooting skills and earn state and national recognition. The program is designed to instill in participants safe firearms handling, commitment, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

    Our team has witnessed tremendous growth. We now have over 30 young people participating on the team. This is a great privilege and confirms the need for this type of program. It also presents a wonderful opportunity to mentor and expose these young people to firearm safety the shooting sports. As you may already know, the cost of competitive shooting, and recreational shooting in general, has sky-rocketed over recent years and many of our young people are depending on financial assistance in order to participate in our program.

    It was our goal when we started this program that cost alone should not be the determining factor in a young person’s ability to participate. This goal has been very hard to achieve with today’s ever increasing costs. Would you consider helping us with our goal? Without a helping hand, this program could not survive.

    Ticket contributions are $5 each, unfortunately these is no discount for purchasing multiple tickets. The prize drawing will take place on or about December 28, 2009. (See list of prizes below) All of the proceeds go directly back to our kids. Specifically, the money raised from this fundraiser will go toward Team Uniforms, Awards (NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program), Ammunition, Targets, Shooting Equipment and hopefully if we raise enough money to get some much need stock work done on our club guns.

    Bottom-line, everything we raise goes directly back to our kids. Our home clubs do not charge us any range fees.

    If you would like to know more about the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters please visit our web site (www.masondixonclaybusters.com). There you will find our many accomplishments including the various local and national recognition that this young program has already received. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information.

    I know you must get many requests of this kind, and I appreciate you considering the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters Youth Trap Team.

    Please send Check or Money Order for $5 per ticket to:

    Mason-Dixon Clay Busters<br>
    213 Pine Street<br>
    Glen Rock, PA 17327<br>

    Please make sure you include your Name, Address, Phone and Email (if you have one)

    Prize List

    GRAND PRIZE! 2 year lease for a Toyota Tundra 4x4 Truck or $10,000 CASH!

    Winners Choice: An Alaskan blacktail deer hunt or a black bear hunt
    Lodging included (approx. $2,500) Ninilchik, Alaska
    By Ninilchik Charters

    Guided Wisconsin Bear Hunt with Hounds ($1,200)
    Merrill, Wisconsin
    By Chips Call of the Wild

    3 Prizes! Mossberg Model 935 Magnum Slugster 12 ga ($725)
    CVA Electra Arc .50 cal 26~ Stainless Stain Barrel
    Black Stock ($581.78) BSA Catseye Power Bright
    Scope 3-lOX44mm ($189.95)
    By AcuSport Corporation

    2 Prizes! Savage I6FLHSS Bolt Action Rifle ($704)
    Savage 93 Classic T Bolt Action Rifle ($569)
    By Ellett Brothers

    I Prize! Great Plains Rifle 50 cal Percussion ($654.95)
    By Lyman Products

    2 Prizes! Chefs Choice electric food slicer ($360) Chefs
    Choice electric knife sharpener ($140)
    By Edgecraft Home of Chefs Choice

    3 Prizes! R.A.S.S shooting bench ($350/each)
    By Federal Premium

    3 Prizes! Caldwell Shooting Gallery moving target systems
    ($279.99/each) By Caldwell

    3 Prizes! DC-655 Game Camera ($279.95/each)
    By Leaf River Outdoor Products

    5 Prizes! One dozen Axis FMJ black metal 400 spine arrows
    ($1 62.90/dozen) By Easton Technical Products

    6 Prizes! 3-Bow Guard All Weather Series Bow Case
    ($139.99/each) 3-Gun Guard All Weather Series Double Scoped
    Rifle/Shotgun Case ($129.99/each) By Piano Molding Company

    2 Prizes! Double rifle/shotgun case ($85) Highland Rifle
    Case ($49) By The Allen Company. Inc.

    45 Prizes! 20- Mad Bomber Hickery Leather Bomber ($82/each)
    25- Mad Bomber Saddlecloth Bomber - Mossy Oak Breakup
    ($42/each) By The Mad Bomber Company

    4 Prizes! Grandpa Brands Stag Bone Bowie Knife ($80)
    V2 Tactical Power Chip Torch ($75) V2 Power Chip Camo
    Light ($60) Headlamp ($40) By Coast Products

    10 Prizes! SureFire G2 LED Flashlight ($69/each)
    By Sure Fire. LLC.

    3 Prizes! Duck/Goose Call Gift Set ($51.95) Engraved Duck
    Call ($34.95) Canada Goose Call ($33.95)
    By Faulks Game Call Co. Inc.

    60 Prizes! 2- .22 Gallery Reselling Target ($43.30/each) 4-
    Portable Shooting Range ($16.30/each) 6- 8’ Dirty Bird Bulls-Eye
    Targets ($1 2.20/each) 6- Shoot NC variety pack targets
    ($12.20/each) 6-Shoot NC 12’ Bull’s-Eye Targets ($12.20/each)
    6- Shoot NC Deer Kit ($1 2,20/each) 6- Dirty Bird Silhouette Target
    pack ($12.20/each) 6-Sharpshooter Prairie Chuck Target
    ($8.80/each) 6- Sharpshooter Crow Target ($8.80/each)
    12- Assorted Target Spots ($6.60/each)
    By Birchwood Laboratories. Inc.

    6 Prizes! 29th Edition Blue Book of Gun values ($39.95/each)
    By Blue Book Publications. Inc.

    2 Prizes! Boss 3-Blade 100 grain Arrow ($32.19) Sharp Shooter
    100 grain Arrow ($27.04) By WASP Archery Products

    4 Prizes Gunstock NRA Outdoor rifle-shaped knife ($30)
    By Benchmade Knife Company

    12 Prizes! 6- Magnum Dripper/4 FL OZ Active-Scrape® Combo
    ($29.99/each) 6- Super Charged® Scent Kllle,® Spray
    ($19.99/each) By Wildlife Research Center. Inc.

    24 Prizes! Homeland Heros Knife ($8.95/each)
    By Frost Cutlery Co.
  2. roger8918

    roger8918 Active Member Verified Youth Coach/Director

    Jan 29, 1998
  3. roger8918

    roger8918 Active Member Verified Youth Coach/Director

    Jan 29, 1998
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