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Question for State Secretaries

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by flyfishinfool, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. flyfishinfool

    flyfishinfool TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I am seeking the advice of other State Secretaries.

    I am the Secretary of the Arkansas State Trapshooting Federation. And we have one of the best youth programs in the Nation sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as well as having a very good AIM program. When I became Secretary 3 years ago we had about 250 names on our mailing list. It is now close to a 1000. And that is good. But it is probably time I sit back and ask the question of whether or not we have just grown our past systems and processes or should we be looking at a more integrated system.

    Presently I use My Mail List Deluxe version 8 to:
    1. Record name and address as well as which State zone the shooter is in
    2. Record whether they are a Life Member in ASTF or if they are an Annual Member
    3. If they are an Annual Member I record if they are current in their dues for the year (we use stickers attached to their ATA card to show status)
    4. Record the years they have paid. If not paid in the last 3 years I purge them from the list
    5. Record what State Shoots they have attended - for both residents and non-residents
    6. Produce a mailing label list for our State Shoot Program Book

    So, some of my questions are:

    A. Does your State have membership dues or just dailey fees (or both - like we do) ?

    B. What kind of program do you keep your lists on ?

    C. Is My Mail Deluxe as good as anything else ?

    D. Who inputs your data ? Do you ever use an accounting service ?

    E. Is your program tied to anything else in your State - like AIM ?

    Any input would be appreciated

    Dan Bogler
  2. Clay McCracken

    Clay McCracken TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Check out the website: http://www.shootectc.org

    Contact the President (Chuck Koposis) and see what they are doing to track and communicate with their 1700 junior shooters in the state of Nebraska.

    IMO the best run junior shooting program of any kind (trap, skeet, smallbore, silhouette) ... and I've run a few successful programs myself.
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