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Potential lead ban in Arizona

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Brian in Oregon, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Brian in Oregon

    Brian in Oregon Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Deplorable Bitter Clinger in Liberal La La Land
    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert<br>
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151<br>
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408<br>
    Tuesday, February 19, 2008<br>
    Governor Janet Napolitano, who is no friend to gun owners, is taking
    a page out of California's anti-gun playbook.<br>
    As you may know, the Golden State is using hunting and conservation
    regulations to tighten the noose around gun owners' necks. In
    California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation banning
    all center fire ammo containing lead for hunting in the Condor region
    of the state.<br>
    Then, the California Fish and Game Commission extended the area
    beyond that called for in the legislation to include the "historical
    range" -- not just the areas where the California Condors are known
    to presently live. This greatly increased the ammunition ban to
    cover an area that is approximately 1/4 of the huntable portion of
    California. The Commission also banned the use of all rimfire ammo
    for any type of hunting -- including all game and non-game animals!<br>
    The concern now is that the anti-gunners/anti-hunters are planning
    the exact same strategy in Arizona.<br>
    Governor Napolitano recently appointed Mr. Norm Freeman to the
    state's Game and Fish Commission. But Mr. Freeman is associated with
    -- and is a donor to -- the Peregrine Fund (an organization that
    supports the lead ammo ban in California). How long before he begins
    advocating for a lead ammo ban for all hunting in Arizona?<br>
    There should be no questionable loyalties for members of the Arizona
    Game and Fish Commission, and the Peregrine Fund is not a pro-hunting
    rights group.<br>
    ACTION: Please contact your state senator and ask him or her to
    oppose Mr. Freeman's confirmation. As you know, what happens in
    California either affects or infects what happens in other states.
    Let's guarantee that Arizona will not be infected by its next door
    neighbor. Contact your senator today!<br>
    A full senate contact roster and and a pre-written letter are
    included below for your convenience.<br>
    ----- Suggested text to copy/paste into an e-mail or fax -----<br>
    Dear Senator:<br>
    Governor Napolitano recently appointed Mr. Norm Freeman to the
    state's Game and Fish Commission. Mr. Freeman is associated with,
    and is a donor to, the Peregrine Fund -- an organization that
    supports the lead ammo ban which California recently enacted.<br>
    As such, I am very concerned about where Mr. Freeman's loyalties lie
    -- does he support the U.S. Constitution or is he going to follow the
    anti-gun lunacy of the Peregrine Fund.<br>
    There should be no questionable loyalties for members of the Arizona
    Game and Fish Commission, and the Peregrine Fund is not a pro-hunting
    rights group. Gun Owners of America has an excellent letter from a
    doctor who holds a degree in toxicology at
    http://gunowners.org/fs0701.htm -- a letter that exposes the junk
    science behind lead ammo bans.<br>
    So please oppose Mr. Freeman's nomination unless he publicly and
    expressly distances himself from the Peregrine Fund. To do so would
    mean he would have to break ties with a group to which he has donated
    money. But without such a declaration, I would urge you to oppose
    Mr. Freeman.<br>
    Arizona Senate Roster<br>
    District lookup (identify your senator):<br>
    Name District E-mail Phone (602) Fax (602)<br>
    O'Halleran 01 tohalleran@azleg.gov 926-5584 417-3101<br>
    Hale 02 ahale@azleg.gov 926-4323 417-3260<br>
    Gould 03 rgould@azleg.gov 926-4138 417-3265<br>
    Harper 04 jharper@azleg.gov 926-4178 417-3154<br>
    Flake 05 jflake@azleg.gov 926-5219 417-3224<br>
    Gorman 06 pgorman@azleg.gov 926-5284 417-3106<br>
    Waring 07 jwaring@azleg.gov 926-4916 417-3150<br>
    Allen 08 callen@azleg.gov 926-4480 417-3155<br>
    Burns 09 rburns@azleg.gov 926-5993 417-3226<br>
    Gray 10 lgray@azleg.gov 926-3376 417-3253<br>
    Leff 11 bleff@azleg.gov 926-4486 417-3270<br>
    Blendu 12 rblendu@azleg.gov 926-5955 417-3168<br>
    Miranda 13 rmiranda@azleg.gov 926-5911 417-3171<br>
    Davis 14 dmccunedavis@azleg.gov 926-4485 926-3429<br>
    Cheuvront 15 kcheuvront@azleg.gov 926-5325 417-3249<br>
    Taylor 16 llandrumtaylor@azleg.gov 926-3830 417-3148<br>
    Cahill 17 mburtoncahill@azleg.gov 926-4124 417-3017<br>
    Johnson 18 kjohnson@azleg.gov 926-3160 926-3429<br>
    Gray 19 cgray@azleg.gov 926-5288 417-3161<br>
    Huppenthal 20 jhuppenthal@azleg.gov 926-5261 417-3157<br>
    Tibshraeny 21 jtibshraeny@azleg.gov 926-4481 417-3252<br>
    Verschoor 22 tverschoor@azleg.gov 926-4136 417-3222<br>
    Rios 23 rrios@azleg.gov 926-5685 417-3167<br>
    Aguirre 24 aaguirre@azleg.gov 926-4139 417-3024<br>
    Arzberger 25 marzberger@azleg.gov 926-4321 417-3146<br>
    Pesquiera 26 cpesquiera@azleg.gov 926-4326 417-3259<br>
    Garcia 27 jgarcia@azleg.gov 926-4171 417-3262<br>
    Aboud 28 paboud@azleg.gov 926-5262 926-3429<br>
    Soltero 29 vsoltero@azleg.gov 926-5342 417-3169<br>
    Bee 30 tbee@azleg.gov 926-5683 417-3247<br>
  2. jackmitch

    jackmitch TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    brian i've said for many years if they can't figure out how to ban guns they will try to stop us some other way. this appears to be it.the anti's will just keep chipping away until they get the results they want.jackmitch
  3. wireguy

    wireguy TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Take it seriously Arizonans. The gun hating left will tell any lie, make up any statistic, whatever it takes to get lead ammo banned in Az just like they did in California. Their "science" used as justification was suspect to say the least. They are going to make the case that the California Condor's historic range includes Arizona. The simple FACT is that the California Condor cannot live in the wild in today's world, and all the ammo bans in the world aren't going to change that fact.
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