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Poems About Vietnam and others

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by Trapshooter1, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Trapshooter1

    Trapshooter1 Member

    May 12, 2010

    Veterans are people like you and me.
    They have feelings that run very deep.
    They’ve been to places that’s hard to see.
    They’ve done things, that’ll make you weep.

    They can be your neighbor, mom or dad.
    Live out in the streets and look very bad.
    They can be your brother or sister too.
    Or be your spouse very in love with you.

    They have been to Iraq or Afghanistan.
    They have been to Kuwait and Vietnam.
    They have been to Germany and Korea too.
    They’ve even been to Tokyo for me and you.

    There isn’t any left from world war one.
    World war two looses three thousand a day.
    Korea’s are the most forgotten in everyway.
    Afghanistan and Iraq’s are in the news today.

    World war one’s trenches were very sad.
    World war two’s battles took many brothers.
    The jungles in Vietnam were hot and bad.
    The war on terrorism is like none other.

    All wars are horrible that’s what I say.
    So veterans need our help in everyway.
    Their the reason we have freedom today.
    So stand up and salute our Veterans, OKAY!


    Combat soldiers are a breed of their own.
    They go where their needed at anytime.
    They fight for the rights of everyone.
    Being in combat is where they shine.

    Combat soldiers are better off all alone.
    Their friends in uniform all carry guns.
    They only ask, for letters from home.
    A fire fight is their idea, of having fun.

    Combat soldiers know they might die.
    They fight on, when friends go down.
    They stare at death, not blinking an eye.
    They weep out loud when no ones around.

    Combat soldiers celebrate no holidays.
    There always on guard and never afraid.
    So at your barbecue on Memorial Day.
    Say a prayer for soldiers out on a raid.


    What is Memorial Day to you?
    Is it a day for fun and barbecue?
    It’s the day to remember our hero’s dead.
    Whose lives were lost on field’s blood red.

    Remember that poppies are the sign.
    That you’ll remember these heroes time.
    And fly your flag so you’ll let them know.
    You will never let their brave deeds go.

    All of their pains are forever gone free.
    Standing guard at the gates for you and me.
    We will say a prayer when the day is done.
    So they know their memory is never gone.


    The dream came last night.
    To remind me of it’s might.
    A familiar dream I know well.
    It reminds me of the gate to hell.

    There are things inside of me.
    I will not let anyone in to see.
    A beast that lives deep within.
    I’ve been a witness to his sins.

    No one knows just what I feel.
    This burden spins and wont heal.
    This beast will rise in my sleep.
    I will wake up and start to weep.

    This weight I’ll carry till the end.
    No time on earth will let me win.
    I will have to carry it all alone.
    There is no road to get back home.


    There was a time in a far off land.
    That boy’s had to turn into to men.
    A war so horrible was hard to see.
    The enemy comes within our sleep.

    We know the ones who understand.
    Were only those within that land.
    It was the time we were to shine.
    But that place, was one of a kind.

    Some never found the road home.
    Their still over there left all alone.
    I guess I will never know the why.
    Why those brave soul’s had to die.

    Fifty thousand names etched in stone.
    They call it the Wall their final home.
    We must never be able to forget.
    Those brave men never did quit.


    It seemed like a long time ago.
    That you left, and went far away.
    A place we called Afghanistan.
    You promised to be back someday.

    They said you did something special.
    I would not have expected any less.
    It seemed some men were in trouble.
    They needed some help very fast.

    You left you’re position not thinking.
    You were going to somebody’s aid.
    They were in one hell of a fight.
    You went, never being afraid.

    They all have lived to tell this story.
    It’s the story that sent you back here.
    The story that tells of you’re bravery.
    You’re memory will always be near.


    He was just a soldier is what we read.
    A good man has gone home today.
    A soldier has died is what was said.
    He has gone home with God, to stay.

    God bless his family a special way.
    I know the pain that they must feel.
    It hurts inside to watch them grieve.
    It will take some time for them to heal.

    There’s a special corner for brave men.
    A corner in heaven is where they’ll be.
    God set it aside a very long time ago.
    A peaceful place with all people free.


    Forty years ago today.
    A day I remember well.
    A day I’ll never forget.
    The day we went to hell.

    They came in the dark of night.
    We knew they were out there.
    They hit us with everything.
    They came from everywhere.

    I knew that we were bad off.
    The big guns were all on fire.
    The men were all fighting hard.
    But gooks were inside the wire.

    That’s when the planes came.
    They came in the nick of time.
    Their guns were firing red rain.
    We were now going to be fine.

    It ended as fast as it started.
    I woke up in a hospital bed.
    I was one of the lucky ones.
    Many good men were dead.

    It has been forty years now.
    I remember it all the same.
    I am now starting to realize.
    I am here to honor their names.


    It was very dark that night.
    It was cold and starting to rain.
    When the radio cracked and said.
    Fire mission get out of the bed.

    We were running to the guns.
    That bad feeling was in the air.
    We knew what had to be done.
    The gooks were coming here.

    Two and four were shooting flares.
    The fifties were starting to sing.
    We were shooting at everything.
    The jungle was alive and green.

    The gunner saw the R.P.G. first.
    It hit with a mighty big blast.
    Powder charges started to burst.
    It was an inferno to say the least.

    I remember pulling one man out.
    Another man helped me in vain.
    Men were wounded all about.
    Burning and hollering in pain.

    I knew that I had been hurt.
    But I really didn’t feel anything.
    I helped roll guys in the dirt.
    While firing with my M. 16.

    I don’t know much after that.
    That’s when it all caved in.
    The war was hell that night.
    And hell, is a hell of a sight.


    The twilight years are forever here.
    The time of life when death is near.
    I fear it not, because I walked with it.
    Years ago, when I was young and fit.

    I have seen the eyes of brave young men.
    Stare up at me with life leaving them.
    They did not blink, nor did they fear.
    They knew it was their twilight year.

    I only wish, they could have seen.
    The years that came and went between.
    That horrible war, they could not win.
    And the twilight years that could have been.
  2. Trapshooter1

    Trapshooter1 Member

    May 12, 2010
    A couple guys ask me to post some of my poems. I hope that some will enjoy them.
  3. grntitan

    grntitan Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2009
    IL(The gun friendly Southern Part)
    My dad past away in 1999. He was an Air Force Vietnam vet. I want to Thank You for your service to our Country as well as for your very touching poetry. I know my father is looking down from Heaven and smiling with a tear in his eye after reading your poetry. Thank You sir and God Bless you!
  4. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Active Member

    Feb 26, 2009
    As a wounded combat vet Big Red One 67-68.
    I thank you for your poems.

    May God bless you!

  5. Trapshooter1

    Trapshooter1 Member

    May 12, 2010
    Thanks and welcome home - Bill and Joe
  6. cfchief

    cfchief Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I remember the little bastards comim over the wire and would blast there ass with a beehive out of 106 recoiless mounted on a jeep
  7. Trapshooter1

    Trapshooter1 Member

    May 12, 2010
    beehive out of the 105 wasn't bad either. I was on 155 SP. It had its own little version of direct fire also. It was known as the KJ round. We had a a pair of dusters with us the night we almost got over ran. One expelled 5000 rounds of its own and sent men to the other one to get more. They had a dog that would go on alert if the gooks were near. When he went on alert they started firing. April 18 1970 near the Cambodia border. We were where the 199 two star landed his helicopter in the middle of a fire fight to direct his troops and got his ass killed. That was 2 weeks before we got hit. Hell of a fight. We were lucky. Could have all been killed. I had 5 days left on my second tour and spent 8 months in the burn ward at fort Sam.
  8. thunder

    thunder Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Thanks for posting the poems. Its seem so long ago but yet so much remembered in our daily lives. Forty years ago on August 13 I stepped onto the land that I loved as a child and still love today, nothing is like the United Stated of America. May God Bless all the Veterans of all wars and may the one's who gave their all always be in our hearts and memories.
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