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please read this, new shooter needs our help!

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by senior smoke, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. senior smoke

    senior smoke Well-Known Member

    Sep 30, 2007
    Wauwatosa Wisconsin
    my son in law comes from a religious good family. his father was a male nurse, also on his own time, he would do home repair for the poor and would not charge them. when my son in law was in college, he worked part time at a bike shop and for xmas, he purchase a bike for his dad where you lean back and the pedals are up front. a day or two before xmas, he gave his father the new bike. the next morning he had a test at college, and needed to borrow his fathers car. his father said take the car to school, and i will take the new bike you gave me. well as fate would have it, a young woman with a baby in the back seat ran a stop light and hit him on his bike, she fled the seen. next morning she told her parents what happened and they took her to the police dept. my son in law's father was unable to work again, he could not speak, needed 24 hour care. his father lost income,could not work again, had to sell a rental property that he owned, had to sell a car etc. the son and daughters would take turns feeding their father, bathing him, taking care of all his needs. one evening the church called, and wanted to drop over with a meal for the family. my son in laws mother was out of the house at the time, his younger sister was in the house with him and my daughter, his fiance. there was a knock on the door, it was winter, it was dark out, he opened the door, and a young teenager said "what time is it"? my son in law, did not understand the question at first, then 3 guys ran him over and came into the house with guns. they threanted them, stole items from the house, no one was hurt. my son in law and daughter are now very scared since this incident happened. he just started trap shooting and wants to purchase a handgun for protection. i suggested that he use his 870 with a skeet barrel that i gave him, but he also wants to purchase a handgun. he lives in a nice neighborhood, these thugs drove to this area, and have been doing this to other people. since this happened, the father has passed away. forgot to tell you, the judge gave the young woman probation for the hit and run, and she also had to take drivers ed classes again. i feel this is unbelieavable, probation and drivers ed?? i told him the 870 is enough, he still wants a handgun. any ideas on a hand gun for protection, under $500.00 new. do you think i should talk him out of getting a hand gun too? i feel the 870 is enough.
    steve balistreri
  2. BDodd

    BDodd TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    This is a subject that needs much to discuss - not enough room here. I'll try to throw a few hurdles to clear. First, your relative MUST have the mentality it takes to kill another human, there's no such thing as "have a handgun to scare off bad guys." The choice of revolver vs auto-loader opens a large can of worms. Assuming he's not skilled or trained now, the auto-loader requires considerable training and regular practice so that the skilled use of the gun is 2nd nature, not something to think about for a few minutes like the fellow did in Flagarto's story. The auto-loader relies on being in very good condition, clean, and charged with ammo that is known to operate his particular gun reliably. On the other hand, a revolver can safely be stored with a cylinder full of the chosen ammo and requires no special snicking off of safeties or other action to get it in immediate "ready" mode. The revolver requires much less intense training in it's use and a person can remain reasonably skilled with less regular practice. Where the defensive handgun is kept in the house can be a conundrum because it must be readily available and yet at the same time safe from children or guests. On the hip is just about the safest and quickest place but it's a rare individual that is willing to pack the handgun in the home constantly. Even the shotgun must have a reasonably safe but ready place for home defense. I, too, agree that a short, light, shotgun that the defender is completely familiar with is generally accepted as the most reasonable home defense tool. But, again, it must be linked with the willingness and mentality to destroy another human being regardless of the circumstances and the willingness and time to learn, take the training, and practice....breakemall.....Bob Dodd
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