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>>> Perazzi Parts Requests Coming In Country <<<

Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by whiz white, May 19, 2009.

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  1. whiz white

    whiz white Strong Supporter of Trapshooting Banned

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    Jan 29, 1998
    Rapid City SD
    Have had several calls for a couple of Perazzi MX parts and Marcello in Italy called this morning to say he is getting these done.

    FIRST ITEM: Perazzi parts #322 - this is called a "Catch Bolt". It is the small rectangular block located in the forearm iron. Its function is such that it rides against the barrel lug, making the forearm assembly tight. We are making these WITHOUT the small groove in it, so it will be easier for one to hone it down making for a better fit. Doug Braker (GunDr) asked for these a week ago.

    SECOND ITEM: Perazzi part #116 - this is called the "Safety Spring". It is the flat spring located under the top rear tang whose function is to keep the Safety/Trigger Release in position. Hope to have these here in about 10 days unless Customs want to check them.

    THIRD ITEM: Perazzi part #129 - this is the "Plunger Trip". It is a small plunger resting on/in the spring in the Cocking Bar.

    FOURTH ITEM: Perazzi part #123 - this is a small screw called the "Cocking Bar Screw Check". Its function is to keep the Cocking Bar in place and the above plunger and spring in place.

    FIFTH ITEM: Perazzi part # (there isn't one). It is a package of all new pins for the trigger, large pins, small pins, and two stainless steel sleeves used to keep the sear springs and plungers (which we have) in place. I am also adding to this kit several stainless steel pins to hold in place the Safety/Trigger Release button #126, one for the trigger release cam #127, and one for the rear trigger release plug disc #125. We are selling this kit for $40

    SIXTH ITEM: Perazzi part #358 - this is the forearm iron to wood bolt in machined stainless steel. Perazzi calls this the "Forend Lock Screw." We sell these for $4.99 each, about half of Perazzi's price for their standard steel.

    SEVENTH ITEM: Perazzi part #6352 - this is the "Stock Bolt. It is also machined stainless steel, so it will never rust. It comes with the machined washer #354, and a newer style locking washer #353. We sell these for $15.95, close to Perazzi's price, but these are stainless and include all the items listed.

    Got a couple other insignificant items that I can't remember as of this moment. If you need something call or email and I may have it even if it is not listed on my price list.

    Several folks have called, but hang up at the 4th ring when the answering machine picks up. I can't get to the phone quickly enough, especially if I'm turning something on the lathes. If you don't leave a message, I won't call back... and I could even be out screwing around, like prairie dog shooting yesterday. It is summer, so I want to play a bit.


    Jim "Whiz" White
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