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papers and docs needed to run Reg. shoot??

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Big Al 29, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Big Al 29

    Big Al 29 TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I am running the Registered shoots and Big 50's for the first time.

    Our gun club used to run them so I already have the card and some of the stuff needed the day of the shoots.

    I filled out the shoot dates and mailed them along with a $5.00 check for our state dues.

    I was told I will be receiving a package of shoot supplies from the ATA. It does not included what is in the package.

    My problem is our first registered shoot is on March 22nd. I mailed the shoot dates today. I already talked to our secretary and he says everything is cool and I am not too late for anything.

    Do you think Kay at ATA would send me the shoot supplies right now so I know I will get them by the first shoot? If not, tell me what I need so I don't mess it up.

    I know I need:

    ATA registration forms for people that want to join that morning.

    I have the carbon paper receipts that I use the credit card imprinter where I imprint the shooter's ID card then put all the scores etc...

    Is there another receipt paper that I fill out with all the money?

    I have some of the overflow sheets for score cards if someone has ran out of room on their personal score card. Do I get more or do I have to ask specifically?

    Any classifying sheets?

    How about anything else??

    $10.00 for 100 targets plus the 4.00 fees for full program shoots 100/100/50pr

    e-mail me if you need info on our club and the shoot dates.

    All "no frills" shoots, all volunteer help loading the traps, etc... It helps keep the price down for the shooters. No big deal to help out is my plan.

    Big 50's starting in April, with meat shooting prizes. Chicken breasts, bacon, pork chaps.

    $4.00 for a meat shoot round. 2.00 extra to register 50 targets while you shoot for meat. 2 winners, green target and high gun.

    Long-bird weekly pot too.

    $5.00 no min., gets one lucky shooter the chance to win the entire pot. 1 target thrown from one trap, shot at from post 3 from the next trap down. You miss, the money rolls into next week. $500 cap, then a new pot begins and we'll draw two tickets. I will give you the shell to use. Factory Nitro 27. FTF = loss


    Delco Field and Stream, Brookhaven PA
  2. WilliamMR

    WilliamMR Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Munster, IN
    You can also download some of the forms you'll need from the above site. However, Kay is pretty responsive. If you need something right away, an email or phone to her will get you what you're missing.

    You should also have the current ATA rule book. You'll find the classification charts for 16's & Doubles in this book. Its on the ATA website also.

    Its possible your state may have a financial report form to send in to the state secretary.

    Bill Radwan
  3. JB Logan Co. Ohio

    JB Logan Co. Ohio TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Bucpride29, If you e-mail Kay (I think she is the one) at the ATA she'll probably put them into the mail that same day and get them out to you.

    JB=Jerry Beach 8503917
  4. phirel

    phirel TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Jeff- I do not know where Brookhaven, PA is, but I do believe there are several other clubs near you that shoot registered targets. That seems to be true of any spot in PA.

    Pay a short visit with someone near you that now runs registered shoots. He will help you with forms and other things you need. Another approach is to tell him that this is your first shoot and you would appreciate some help. If he can't, he likely knows someone who can. Another way to approach this is to locate another club who is hosting a registered shoot. Tell the management what you are planning to do and ask if you can watch how they operate their shoot. Quite possibly, you will immediately be given a job.

    Pat Ireland
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