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OT/ letter from disabled USMC vet on election

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by recurvyarcher, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. recurvyarcher

    recurvyarcher Well-Known Member

    Apr 26, 2006
    This came from News.SpreadIt.org He is writing in response to a woman named Charlotte. There are some spelling mistakes in it, but I am going to paste it unaltered, as the message is much more important that is the writing ability. It is worth taking the time to read it:

    Disabled Marine Corps Veteran | Aug 29, 2008 | Reply

    Charlotte Bassett

    The issue is that Barack Obama cannot defend this country against our enemies. He is another Jimmy Carter who will bring our country into the hands of terrorist! Obama has NO EXPERIENCE and he didn’t win the primary because 18 million voices were never heard not to mention Florida and Michigan voters. It had to take Senator Clinton to suspend her campaign and to bow down to Howard Dean, Harry Reid and Nancy Poleski to give the nomination to Obama. Whatever happen to the voices of Americans?

    I served my country honorably and I know the experiences of weak leaders who cower from our enemies. Look at the first Bush who gave up on the Iraqis who stood up against Saddam only to be abandoned in their tracks hoping America would help them. Look at the outcome; we went back in under Bush 2 and now you are complaining. If we done it right the first time we would not have been in this position. Look what Reagan did after Carter allowed our Embassy be taken over by terrorist? The Embassy was sovereign territory but it was taken over by a radical group. What followed was years worth of hijacking, and killing of innocent Americans. Have you forgotten? Then when Reagan was elected President, they released the hostages before he took office knowing that he would not allow this to continue. Do we need another coward in office who will give in to radical terrorist? Obama is not the right choice.

    Hilliary would have stood up to the world. She would have been another Margaret Thatcher. She would be tough and not take it from anyone. Obama cannot due this because he has too much pride. He cannot even stand up to Reverend Wright, or his terrorist friends. He cannot even make decisions without his wife showing her anger if he chose Hilliary to become his VP. Only shows he is the WRONG choice.

    Obama can make all the speeches and he can make all the promises in the world, but remember it was Bush 1 who said, “Read my lips…” and look what happened to him, now we have Obama who is saying “Change…this and that” What is it they tell battered women who want to change their abusive husbands? “You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change.” Well guess what? You can’t change the Government when they continue to do the same thing over and over again. The biggest problem is that those who are elected into Congress cannot stop spending. They waste taxpayers money and they will never stop spending. If you don’t believe me, look at Obama. From all the money he got for his political campaign, he received the most money from donations than ANY candidate in U.S. History and he is the ONLY candidate in U.S. History who SPENT THE MOST money to run in this election. What does that tell you? He is willing to spend other people’s money instead of spending with responsibility. Do you honestly want someone who is going to consider the Treasury his open checkbook? Then look at John McCain. He wants to stop Congress from adding useless spending attachments to any bill. He wants Congress to start being responsible to Americans and only pass bills that will not contain useless spending.

    Hilliary said it all and so did Biden when they were running for the Democratic Nomination, “The Presidency is NOT an On-The-Job Training position.”

    Besides, McCain never liked Bush. Unless you have ever served in the military and see what it is on the other side of the coin, you have no clue. McCain knew Bush was making a mistake. Bush had no experience to lead and he did not know what it was to lead in combat. He served in Texas during the Vietnam War. He made alot of mistakes when going into Iraq and he did not account for the mistakes his father made during Desert Shield/Storm. He did not understand his father made alot of Iraqis mad at us for abandoning them in 1991. We are paying that price because of that action.

    Do not think that peace will come with Obama being in office. Peace will be far from the truth if Obama is elected. He will bring more problems in the future. We will be in wars as a result of Obama’s inability to lead. Jimmy Carter was too much of a coward to enter into a war with Iran over the hostages, but look at the outcome. We spent the Reagan years fighting terrorist from hijacking planes, and boats and extorting money. Reagan said, “we will not negotiate with terrorist” and that protected Americans from getting into a war with Libya and other terrorist countries. With Obama as a President, we will be following the same path as Jimmy Carter and end up having our planes hijacked, and Americans killed. I wonder what your stance will be when a child is held hostage and killed on the internet by a terrorist child? Then you have Obama saying he wants to sit down with the terrorist and conduct talks. What will you say then?

    No one wants war but you must always prepare for war because there is always a nut that wants to start a war. The last thing is the protection of American lives and those that serve join to protect the lives of all and that includes those that have different views. You don’t join the military to learn a skill and go to college. You join the military to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The oath we take know what we get into and those that think otherwise are feeding you a line. No one wants to go to war but if we have to defend our country then we will and not cower from it.

    Either way, we only have 2 real choices to become President. One who will stand up to terrorism, and one who will not. One who wants to stop spending, and one who will spend to support his empty promises. One who has chose a woman to become his VP, and one who had too much pride to pick one. One who did not cheat voters from letting their voices be heard, and one who fought hard to not let voters not be heard. No matter who you chose to become President, if Obama becomes President, we will find ourselves in the same position when Jimmy Carter was President and finding that it will mean that we will be electing a Republican to fix the mistakes of another failed Presidency.

    Jimmy Carter had to have Ronald Reagan to fix his mistakes as President.

    George H. Bush had to have Bill Clinton to fix his mistakes as President.

    We already have mistakes under George W. Bush, do we need another 4 years with Obama as President before it takes someone competent to fix their mistakes? We cannot afford another 4 years of mistakes. Since Hilliary is not chosen, then the only optimal choice is picking John McCain to correct George W. Bush’s mistakes. We do not need another Jimmy Carter.

    Until the day comes when the leaders of our country realize that they were elected “BY THE PEOPLE” to “REPRESENT THE PEOPLE” then we will NEVER agree on who is the right choice to become our leaders. What they are doing is that they are thinking for themselves, their party, and a very select few and NOT for THOSE they are SUPPOSE to represent. I have never seen ONE elected official that even cares what their constituents think much less even read one letter they write to them. If you don’t believe me, try to write a member of Congress. All you will get is a form letter where some clerk will respond but your letter will never be read by that member. If they really cared, they would not be voting for pay raises for themselves or voting on silly things. They would be on the job and not taking vacations and voting “Present,” like Obama has done so many times over and over again. You can’t vote “Present” as President.
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