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OT I miss Mitt

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by wdr-NY, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. wdr-NY

    wdr-NY TS Member

    Jul 29, 2008
    Governor of Hawaii put me to sleep--is this the best we got?

    Mitt was spectacular.

  2. gotbass

    gotbass Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I am watching Palin right now and she is hammering them. Hopefully Mitt will be in the cabinet because he has a lot to offer.
  3. crusha

    crusha TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Oh, great...right after he gets done checking Daily KOS and DemocratUnderground for his daily dose of talking points, we get Wdr's clumsy attempt to "fraternize" with conservatives and convince us he's not the liberal troll we know him to be.


    To me, and this is _only_ my opinion, Mitt looks like any other slick, silver-tongued, perfect-hair, "if his lips are moving, he's lying" no account sack of s snake of a politician. John McCain is not my favorite...but at least I believe he is pretty much what he says he is, whether I like it or not.

    Again, that may be totally unfair of me to say...but that's just how Mitt "looks and feels" to me. Kinda like John Edwards, except conservative.

    His speech was a plodding, artless and inarticulate sledge-hammer of low-brow culture warrior pablum right out of the Pat Buchanan book. If that's the best he's got, then I see why he placed 3rd.

    Again, only my opinion...life ain't fair, and neither am I. I like conservative politicians...but not ones that I perceive as pandering downward with the ideology for the sole purpose of furthering their career.

    (However, I was pleasantly surprised by Huckabee...fantastic speech, and before tonight, I never especially paid much attention to him. He and Palin will be the stars next time around, because they are real.)
  4. onlym12's

    onlym12's TS Member

    Feb 15, 2007
    Mitt didn't "LIE" in MA, He raised FID (Firearm Identification) card's to $100.00 every 5 years, instead of $35 and charged parking fee's at public parking area's in park's, reinstated registration renewal every 2 years(30.00) per vehicle. But he didn't raise Taxes, Huh wonder why. Everyone with some sort of outdoor hobby made up for it. Good luck for him.

    Thank's Mike
  5. perga1

    perga1 Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Onlym12's. I left MA in 2003 and the FID had been $100 for at least 18 months. I think that was before Romney was Governor. Buzz-Gunn, Romney was running a strong second when he dropped out of the race at the suggestion of the RNC. It was McCain's turn and that is the only reason he's got the nomination. Still he and Sarah are head and shoulders above the competition. JRM
  6. JBrooks

    JBrooks TS Member

    Nov 6, 2006
    From the Urban Dictionary

    A Moby is:

    An insidious and specialized type of left-wing troll who visits blogs and impersonates a conservative for the purpose of either spreading false rumors intended to sow dissension among conservative voters, or who purposely posts inflammatory and offensive comments for the purpose of discrediting the blog in question.

    The term is derived from the name of the liberal musician Moby, who famously suggested in February of 2004 that left-wing activists engage in this type of subterfuge: “For example, you can go on all the pro-life chat rooms and say you’re an outraged right-wing voter and that you know that George Bush drove an ex-girlfriend to an abortion clinic and paid for her to get an abortion. Then you go to an anti-immigration Web site chat room and ask, ‘What’s all this about George Bush proposing amnesty for illegal aliens?’”

    The strategy has been frequently attempted on conservative blogs, but has not been nearly as effective as Moby envisioned, since false rumors are easily debunked by fact-checking minions, and cartoonishly extreme commenters often get immediately identified as mobys and banned."

    Walker here is a specialized moby known as an Obamabot.

    As you can see, on most sites mobys are summarily banned because their only reason for being on a site is to cause trouble as opposed to discussing the core interests of the site.
  7. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Oxford MA
    onlym12's you said "Mitt didn't "LIE" in MA, He raised FID (Firearm Identification) card's to $100.00 every 5 years, instead of $35" check your fact I think you will find a fella named Gov. Paul Cellucci was the one that signed that Bill as well as the one that changed the gun law in 98 that removed 1,000,000 gun owners from the books in MA.

    Bob Lawless
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