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OT For Sale: Complete Salwater Aquarium Setup

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by famill00, May 14, 2007.

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  1. famill00

    famill00 TS Member

    Oct 16, 2006
    I have for sale, to raise funds for a new trap gun, a 40 Gallon completely operational salwater aquarium. This tank has been set up and running for a little over 2 years. It has a custom made stand and canopy, Prizm protein skimmer, 400W metal halide/HO Flouresent lighting, Fluval 305 canister filter, approx 60lbs live rock, 50 lbs live sand, Starfish, snails, crabs, a pair of Ocelaris Clowns, a Cardinal fish, and a Sailfin Algae eater. I have lots of extra chemicals and a new 5gallon container of Salt mix. Also have three 5 gallon jugs that I use to get new water. This is a centerpiece for a living room/den! Will sell for $1200. You would spend way more than this setting up a new aquium this size...Believe me! This is a good deal for those of you who want a piece of the ocean in your own home. These fish only get fed every two days so you can go for a weekend trapshoot and not have to worry about them. The lights are on a timer. I live in Sturgis KY (42459) and obviously this cant be shipped....not even to an FFL :) I can send pics to Foggy for him to post if you all might want to see it, but it will take me a couple days to get them to him. I can take pics tonight if there is any interest. I will be able to help you get everything loaded into your truck. I would suggest a good cooler to transport the fish and snails in, and you will need a big rubbermaid container for the water......you will want to transport the water to eliminate the need for water cycling. The money will go toward a new SKB 85TSS Combo, as I have decided to just stay with the cheapo Moss. 500 410 for rabbits and squirrels. With selling this and my 1100 I will only be a little bit short of the new combo, which I have enough cash to cover!!! :)

    Thanks for the interest!

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