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Oregon NICS fees - 300% increase

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by Brian in Oregon, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Brian in Oregon

    Brian in Oregon Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Deplorable Bitter Clinger in Liberal La La Land

    Seek Huge Fee Increases Exercise Your Rights.

    Today, the Oregon State Police held their first "fee review" meeting to discuss their proposals for fee increases for background checks.

    As you would expect, gun owners are being asked to subsidize most of the OSP's budget with fee increases of 100 to 300 percent.

    The OSP has suggested that gun purchase background check fees go from $10.00 to $28.00, almost tripling the cost of a mandated background check for a gun purchase.

    The fees for fingerprints for a concealed handgun license will be doubled from $15.00 to $30.00

    Most states charge nothing for a background check for a firearms purchase. Furthermore, those states that use NICS as their "point of contact" do not record any information on the make, model, caliber or serial number of the gun. Oregon does record this information, charges a fee, and has used their database against gun owners when no crime was committed and no criminal investigation was on-going.

    Some have suggested that they do not want the Feds doing the background checks in Oregon because they don't trust them. But the fact is, the Feds are already involved in our background checks because the State Police check with NICS as part of their investigation. So why are we paying twice (once through the fee and once through our taxes) for a "service" we should not be compelled to submit to and certainly should not have to pay for?

    The State Police told us that gun background checks make up about 23% of the checks they do. But at the new suggested fee, they would be collecting almost $9 million dollars from gun owners in every biennium just in background checks for gun purchases. This does NOT include the fees they would collect from people applying for CHL's at the new doubled rate which would be about $819,420.00 in 2011.

    The State Police have stated that their required budget for the 2011-2013 biennium is about $17 million. So gun owners will be asked to pay more than half of the budget for less the one quarter of the checks. This is clearly outrageous.

    Gun owners are not getting a "service" from the State Police. They are compelled to pay these taxes to exercise a "right."

    We strongly recommend that you attend one of the fee review meetings, if you can, to express your opposition to fee increases of 100 to 300 percent.

    You can see the proposed fee increases here:

    You can see a schedule of "fee review" meetings here:

    You can get more details about the OSP background checks here.

    If you cannot be at one of these meetings, please contact the OSP ID unit to express your opposition to these giant tax increases.

    You may e-mail

    David Yandell.<br>


    Patricia Whitfield<br>
  2. sliverbulletexpress

    sliverbulletexpress TS Member

    Jul 1, 2009
    Nics fees are Federally mandated expenses forced upon the State without any say so. The Feds force an unfunded law on the States and expect the States to pay for it. This is part of the picture that needs fixing, we need the Constitution and Bill of Rights enforced!
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