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OR HB #2470

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by Rich's Mom, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. Rich's Mom

    Rich's Mom TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Those of you who want to keep the right to own your dogs, breed them, choose your veterinarian, and make your own decisions as to the welfare of your dogs, I implore you to send emails or FAXES asap to the list below. The first hearing on the Bill is tomorrow at 3:00 pm. It is requested that the more letters/faxes they receive, the better. To understand more about the Bill and 'talking points' go to www.naiatrust.org and click on legislation..
    Here is the list of names of people to send your emails. You probably will have to send individual emails/faxes as I do not know how you could just BCC one, as you have to change the names. However, copy and paste works and you would just have to insert the individual names.....


    Here is a list of e-mail addresses that should get e-mails of
    opposition to HB 2470.
    The sponsors of the bill are:
    Rep Paul Holvey: rep.paulholvey@ state.or.us
    Also Chair of Consumer Protection Committee
    Rep Sara Gelser: rep.saragelser@ state.or.us
    Sen Peter Courtney: sen.petercourtney@ state.or.us
    Sen Vicki Walker: sen.vickiwalker@ state.or.us

    Also supporting the bill are:
    Sen Prozanski: sen.floydprozanski@state.or.us
    Rep Buckley: rep.peterbuckley@state.or.us
    Rep Cowan: rep.jeancowan@state.or.us
    Rep Galizio: rep.billgarrard@state.or.us
    Rep Matthews: rep.gregmatthews@state.or.us
    Rep Schaufler: rep.mikeschaufler@state.or.us
    Rep Witt: rep.mattwingard@state.or.us
    Rep Garrard: rep.billgarrard@state.or.us

    The Consumer Protection Committee is where the sponsors of HB2470
    directed the bill because of the Lemon Law aspect of the bill. This
    committee might have final say on whether HB 2470 ever gets to the
    floor for any kind of discussion or vote. Also, many members of this
    committee may be first term legislators – efforts at getting this
    information to them will be a good thing.

    Consumer Protection Committee
    Paul Holvey, Chair rep.paulholvey@state.or.us
    Chuck Riley, Vice Chair rep.chuckriley@state.or.us
    Jim Weidner, Vice Chair rep.jimweidner@state.or.us
    Brent Barton rep.brentbarton@state.or.us
    Jean Cowan rep.jeancowan@state.or.us
    Vic Gilliam rep.vicgilliam@state.or.us
    Wayne Krieger rep.waynekrieger@state.or.us
    Greg Matthews rep.gregmatthews@state.or.us
    Carolyn Tomei rep.carolyntomei@state.or.us
    Matt Wingard rep.mattwingardard@state.or.us

    Also send to these local state legislators:
    Rep. Terry Beyer rep.terrybeyer@state.or.us
    Bill Morrisette sen.billmorrisette@state.or.us
    Phil Barnhart rep.philbarnhart@state.or.us
    Chris Edwards rep.chrisedwards@state.or.us
    Nancy Nathanson rep.nancynathanson@state.or.us
    Larry Galizio rep.larrygalizio@state.or.us
    The assistant to State Representative Kim Thatcher (Salem) contacted
    someone on the Oregon Pet-law list and sent this message:

    "Thank you for taking the time to write to Rep Thatcher. She is aware
    of this bill now, thanks to people like you who speak up. I will make
    sure she sees your email and will also add it to the bill folder as a
    reminder when this bill comes up for discussion. She wants input in

    Thank you again for writing.
    Assistant to Rep. Thatcher

    So, please add Representative Thatcher to your list of legislators to
    send your opposition to HB 2470:

    Representative Kim Thatcher rep.kimthatcher@ state.or.us


    Laurie S.
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