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Oldie But Goodie: Perazzi Vintage TMX SBT Gun

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by train222, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. train222

    train222 Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2007
    Oldie But Goodie: PERAZZI TMX Custom Single Barrel Trap

    This TMX has the nicest set of stocks of any of the guns in my collection, except for my Model 12 three barrel. This TMX was manufactured in the early 80's and when I purchased it, the wood, metal and mechanics was in good condition.

    The gun was completely overhauled By Billy Pearce. I had the gun totally restored in a high polish black finish. Its sports a 32” factory barrel with factory choke tubes. This one also has a Bowen Release plus the original Factory Pull Trigger. Barrel was ported by Pro-Porting.

    This magnificent set of stocks was done by Don Peebles of Nashville, Michigan. I told him this gun really deserved a nice set of stocks and left the rest up to him. When I got the gun back and opened up the box. I could not believe how drop dead gorgeous these stocks where. It is really a super nice example of Exhibition Grade wood.

    It has the original Perazzi Black Hard Case with accessories in mint condition.

    This gun is not only pretty to look at, but it really smokes the targets…..…

    I think the pictures speak for themselves on this one…..But they really don’t do the wood justice…

    I hope you are enjoying looking at some of the older shotguns in my collection. I am sort of stuck in the house (medical reasons) and I enjoy sharing my passion of older shotguns with you….

    Thanks for looking…..

    Stu Gabriel (MrGun)

    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-3A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-4A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-5A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-6A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-7A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-9A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-11A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-10A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-12A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-1A.jpg>
    <img src=http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/3385873/aview/tmx-2A.jpg>
  2. motordoctor

    motordoctor Shoji Tabuchi in Branson

    Jan 29, 1998
    How can you posssibly own or shoot a gun that does not have an adjustable rib????????? I thought everyone needed that to be able to shoot. Nice Gun. motordoc
  3. JACK

    JACK Well-Known Member Supporting Vendor

    Apr 28, 2006
    NW Wisconsin
    Stu. Check your PM
  4. no5shooter

    no5shooter Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I'm not especially a Perazzi fan, don't dislike them, just don't go nuts over them. This is one beautiful gun and anyone would be proud to have it in the cabinet (or safe). Thanks for sharing pics of all your great trapguns, Stu. I know I'm not alone in enjoying them.

  5. cubancigar2000

    cubancigar2000 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Thx again for sharing Stu. You brought back memories when you mentioned Nashville Michigan. I used to hunt mushrooms there and one year we absolutely murdered them, big yellow ones by the bushel, 1985 I believe
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