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Obamma: A**kisser or Just Plain Stupid

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by cle, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. cle

    cle Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Mark up another one for our brilliant President and his always on the ball, White House management team. At the recent White House State Dinner for Communist Chinese President Hu Jintao one of the invited entertainers was the China-born pianist, Lang Lang. One of the musical pieces Mr. Lang chose to play was, My Motherland, originally written for a 1956 Chinese Communist propaganda film glorifying the People’s Army vanquishing the hateful American, imperialist aggressors during the Korean War.

    Much has been said and reported since the event that the selected music has its origins in Chinese folk music and that Mr. Lang was unaware that the music came from an overt propaganda film. He claims it is just a “beautiful piece that I play often,” and that is why he played it at the White House. He must think the rest of America is as stupid as the State Dinner managers who allowed such a piece of music to be performed in the White House. Can you imagine any professional musician of the caliber qualified to be invited to play at the White House who did not know exactly the precise origins of every piece of music he intended to play? That’s about as reasonable as saying that Leonard Bernstein just dreamed up West Side Story and was completely unaware that it was exactly the Romeo and Juliet story.

    Frankly, what the musician knew is not the issue. More important is that the White House and State Department managers of the State Dinner did not know exactly what was to be played or that if they knew they allowed it to go on. Surely, Mr. Hu and the entire Chinese delegation at the dinner had a hardy laugh at the stupidity of the Americans at the highest level.

    Perhaps at the next State Dinner for the German Chancellor we could have the band play the theme from Patton or D-Day, the 6th of June. It would show the same level of taste and class to those guests that these diplomatic “professionals” allowed to be shown to the American people.

    The American people deserve better, but then again, they voted for this bunch. What an embarrassment.




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