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O/T Football joke time

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Shooting Jack, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. Shooting Jack

    Shooting Jack Active Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    Blackshear, Georgia

    adam attended uga. he was a bulldogs fan through and through. attended every game all through his college years. and adam loved mark richt. thought he was the best coach ever. one night at a party, adam was very drunk and his frat brothers took him to get a tatoo. in his drunken state, he decided to get a tatoo of mark richt's face on his right butt cheek.

    years later, after graduating, adam was working his first "real" job and met sarah. sarah was lovely, smart, and sweet. and she loved sports! he was head over heels in love. one draw back, she was an auburn grad, thus a big auburn fan. as time passed, this was a part of sarah, adam felt he could live with. he loved her so much and she did him, so they married. over the years, adam found himself cheering for auburn, as long as they were not playing the bulldogs. he stayed a huge uga fan, but sarah had won his heart so in a gesture to show his love for her, he got a tatoo of tommy tuberville on his left butt cheek. he felt he could justify it because the two coachs were friendly and had always spoke highly of each other. sarah was so impressed.

    many years later, sarah worried for her husband's health. the tatoos had prevented him for ever getting a full physical and here he was in his fifties, so how could he explain two guys faces on his butt. finally sarah convinced him, because he was having concerns and colon cancer did run in his family, to get a colonoscopy. with dread, he went under and when he awoke he expected some ribbing from his doc. instead, his doc said, "adam your safe. everything well well. clean as a whistle." adam was so relieved on many levels. as adam was readying to go, the doc asked, "one question. the tatoos." adam's heart filled with dread. the doctor asked, "i recognize phil fulmer in the middle, but who are the other two guys on either side?"

    sorry to you ut fans, but ain't it funny?
  2. Hipshot 3

    Hipshot 3 TS Member

    Sep 14, 2007
    OH,.....Sorry, thought you were talking about the Broncos!
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