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O/T Best way to ship to a distant gunsmith

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by trap41, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. trap41

    trap41 TS Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Any suggestions as to best way to ship to a Gunsmith who will be repairing my Perazzi?

  2. GunDr

    GunDr Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Insure it for what it's worth and pay the few dollars extra for an Adult Signature Delivery Confirmation, at the time of delivery.

    As for a shipper, you'll get suggestions for every one of the top ten. So that we be purely up to you. The top three are, in no particulat order, UPS Fed-X, US post office.

    As for packaging your shipment, pack it well and pack it tight. If you have a hard case that you store the gun in, ship it in that, with the case in a box. Don't assume your gun will be safe in the case. The gun needs to be secured in the case with bubble wrap or newspaper. It will shift around if it is not. The cheap little velcro strap will tear from the case.

    It's not the carriers fault if the gun gets damaged, but the box does not. Every box will, somewhere along the line, will be bounced on it's end.

    One more thing, the shorter you can keep the box, the better. A full length trap gun in a box will not be a pretty sight when it gets delivered. Break the gun down to it's shortest length. If the gunsmith doesn't need the buttstock attached, remove it. Send only the neccessary components that are need for the repair.

    An example would be if your Perazzi needs a new locking bolt. The rec & bbl, are all that's needed. If your wish is for the gunsmith to also "go through" the whole gun, he doesn't need the buttstock.

    My preference for shipping is UPS. First, they deliver to my door and will not leave packages without a signature. They become liable if they do. 2nd, you can follow the whole route of your package by the tracking number through UPS's website.

    With the post office, a signature is required at every stop (if requested), but you cannot follow it's progress as well.

    Fed -X tend to deliver AFTER hours, when I'ce closed shop for the day. They also told me they do not deliver to my area on Mondays....too far to go.

Thread Status:
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