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NW Zone shoot, Jaqua's Gun Club, Findlay, Ohio

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by JB Logan Co. Ohio, May 19, 2008.

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  1. JB Logan Co. Ohio

    JB Logan Co. Ohio TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    OK folks, I have the results from the Northwest Zone (Ohio) held May 17-18 at Jaqua's Gun Club, Findlay, Ohio but I left them at home this morning so I won't be able to report the results until this evening. Needless to say in the 'big blow" NW Ohio had this past weekend there was some FANTASTIC shooting. Stay tuned to this thread as I'll have the results posted tonight. Sorry for the dangling carrot but I was dead tired last night and couldn't get off the comfy couch so the info will have to wait to be posted tonight.

    JB=Jerry Beach 8503917
  2. JB Logan Co. Ohio

    JB Logan Co. Ohio TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Sorry this took a bit longer than I expected but I had to go iout to the club to get the 2007 average book so I could report the cities/towns the shooters were from.

    Saturday and Sunday May 17-18 the Ohio State Trapshooting Assoc. held it's NW Zone shoot at Jaqua's Gun Club in Findlay, Ohio. The weather on Saturday didn't cooperate tremendously as the wind was blowing out of the west-southwest at approx 25-30 mph. The scores that won were earned the "old fashioned" way, they earned them! The targets were set as good as could be expected in such wind but the food was good and the handicapping, squadding and cashiering were taken care of courteously and professionally. A tip 'o' the hat to the shoot management in the way the shoot was run. Was it pulled off without a hitch?, no. No shoot I've ever been to has been perfect but what problems that presented themselves were taken care of and the shoot continued to it's completion. Things moved along in good order and there was no time to nap in between events. My compliments to ALL the Jaqua's staff. You put on a good show! Now to the winner's.

    Sat. May, 17 Handicap

    Champion: Dale Widener 94x100 - Lima

    Runner Up: Aaron Schifer 93x100 - Bucyrus

    19-21 yd. Champion: Jaquulyn Schnapp 91x100 - Arlington

    22-24 yd. Champion: Curtin Long 91x100 - Ft. Recovery

    25-27 yd. Champion: Larry Dow 92x100 - Swanton

    High Lady: Sharon Cogan 92x100 - Perrysburg

    High Vet: Don Petroff 89x100 - Oregon

    High Sr. Vet: William Hartman 85x100 - Marion

    High Junior: Phillip Fell Jr. 91x100 - Lewis Center

    The following are the 2008 NW Zone team & Alternates.

    AA Team: Dirk Meckstroth - New Knoxville 92x100

    Don Cogan - Perrysburg 91x100

    AA ALternate: Rick Springer - Wapakoneta 90x100

    A Team: Robert Marshall - Marysville 93x100

    Jeff Conley - Lima 91x100

    A Team Alternate: Zac Saneholtz - Napoleon 91x100

    B Team: Will Guingrich - Celina 95x100

    Steve Snyder - Sherwood 94x100

    B Team Alternate: Tony Homan - Coldwater 94x100

    C Team: Carl Sunderman - Malinta 97x100

    Jerry Allen - Marysville 88x100

    C Team Alternate: Steven Cox - Carlisle 87x100

    D Team: Jacquulyn Schnapp - Arlington 83x100

    Angela Lorensen - Oak Harbor 82x100

    D Team Alternate: Travis Snyder - unknown location 78x100

    Lady Team: Kaylee Lawrence - Norwalk 87x100

    Lady Alternate: Sharon Cogan - 83x100

    Veteran Team: Dave Berlet - New Knoxville 94x100

    Veteran Alternate: Don Petroff - Oregon 87x100

    Sr. Vet. Team: William Hartman - Cleveland 84x100

    Sr. Vet. Alternate: Willie Anderson - Bluffton 83x100

    Junior Team: Ryan Miller - Bloomsville 90x100

    Sub Junior Team: Nathan Waldock - Attica 92x100

    The following are the results of Sunday May 18th's 200 singles race.

    AA Team: Larry Dow - Swanton 199x200

    Ed Saneholtz - Napoleon 195x200

    AA ALternate: Dirk Meckstroth - New Knoxville 193x200

    A Team: Zac Saneholtz - New Knoxville 193x200

    Ross Saneholtz - New Knoxville 191x200

    A Team Alternate: Will Guingrich - Celina 191x200

    B Team: Dennis Bogner - Attica 193x200

    Jerry Beach - Bellefontaine 190x200

    B Team Alternate: Norman Miller - Bloomville 187x200

    C Team: Jeff Hammer - Helena 187x200

    Paul Ryan - Sunbury 185x200

    C Team Alternate: Jerry Dwight - North Fairfield 183x200

    D Team: Tyler Cramer - New Washington 184x200

    David Rees - Geneva 179x200

    D Team ALternate: Zach Brown 175x200

    Lady Team: Laura Kuhn - Celina 188x200

    Lady Alternate: Sharon Cogan - Perrysburg 183x200

    Veteran Team: Dave Berlet - New Knoxville 196x200

    Veteran Alternate: Ken White - Lima 191x200

    Sr. Veteran Team: Willie Anderson - Bluffton 187x200

    Sr. Veteran Alternate: Lester Schufelt - Location Unknown 184x200

    Junior Team: Philip Fell Jr. - Lewis Center 194x200

    Junior Alternate Jason Huffman - Piqua 186x200

    Sub Junior Team: Nathan Waldock - Attica 194x200

    Sub Junior Alternate:Alex Scheiber - Attica 181x200

    The HAA Champions for the NW Zone were as follows:

    AA Champion: Larry Dow - Swanton 380X400

    A Champion: Zac Saneholtz - Napoleon 374x400

    B Champion: Jason Huffman - Piqua 358x400

    C Champion: Jerry Dwight - North Fairfield 349x400

    D Champion: Sam Fike - Sycamore 313x400

    These are combined scores from event 1,2 and 4. Champion each class based on Singles Classification.

    I apologize for not having the singles event from Saturday and the handicap event nor the doubles event from Sunday. I'll e-mail Jaqua's and see if they can provide those winners/runner-up scores. Locations were looked up in ATA 2007 average book if I got any of them wrong I again apologize.

    It was a very windy weekend and as I have previously stated the winners earned every bird. I want to especially congradulate Larry Dow on his 199x200 on Sunday. These conditions were the most trying I personally have ever shot in. For someone to run 99x100 then turn around and run 100x100 in the increasing wind is nothing short of incredible. Way to go Larry!

    Sorry this post is so long, I'll have to work on a better way to present shoot info to work within the format of the forum.

    Respectfully submitted....

    Jerry Beach 8503917
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