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--- New Thread Watch List ---

Discussion in 'Forum Information Threads' started by aaa 27 aaa david, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. --- New Thread Watch List ---

    A new feature has been created to allow registered users the ability to mark a thread they would like to watch or keep an eye on. When you are reading a thread there is a link called 'Watch This Thread' if you click this link the thread your are viewing will be added to your watch list.

    To access your Thread Watch List, there is a new link called 'Thread Watch List' right after 'My Trap Scores Database' which will take you to your list of threads you have marked to watch. On this list you can delete individual threads or all threads you are watching.

    This feature has been updated! A checkbox has been added to the new thread and reply thread form to allow you to add the thread your are creating or replying to, to your thread watch list.

    There is also a new setting to where you can set whether you want to automatically have the system check the watch thread box. Click change password/settings link to set this new option if you like.

    Hope you like this new feature.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.