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New AIM Grand Events

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by SongDogSniper, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. SongDogSniper

    SongDogSniper Member

    Aug 18, 2011
    Peyton, Colorado
    This info is also posted below in the "Shoots" area but I figured some never make it down there especially during this "off" season.

    This is info was recieved from AIM themselves. AIM Grand has been moved to Mon/Tues in order to have a "Youth Shooting Carnival" on Sat/Sun. Their reasoning for this is stated below.

    Enjoy the light reading.

    To: AIM Zone Representatives and AIM State Directors
    From: AIM Coordinator
    Subject: 2012 AIM Update #4

    This week’s update is about the 2012 YOUTH SHOOTING CARNIVAL to take place on August 4-7 2012. The AIM Grand Championship will take place on August 6th and 7th with preliminary days on the 4th and 5th.

    We understand the concern people have about the changes to the AIM Grand dates. To let everyone understand some of the reasoning behind the change, the AIM Team has compiled a list of the thoughts behind the decision. Our goal, above all else, is to provide the best experience and service to the youth shooters.

    1. This is not a decision to get the kids out of the Grand. The Grand American is for EVERY ATA member so the kids are already included in the Grand. After this past Grand where the kids took over by winning ½ of all the Handicap events, the $100,000, the Grand American Handicap, a Beretta and the Kolar the AIM kids DOMINATED the Grand. They are all ATA members so the Grand is already put on specifically for them and they should be there just as much as everyone else. We understand how people can see it differently but when you look at it this way you can see the Grand is the Grand and all ATA members are eligible to attend and participate and the AIM Grand Championships are just for AIM members. It is a special event only for the kids. The AIM Grand is just for AIM shooters and they deserve to have our entire attention. Our goal is to grow the AIM program and the AIM Grand Championships into the BEST in the world. Due to time and space restraint during the previous AIM dates we were unable to accomplish this goal. We feel that to be successful we need ample room to grow. Being held on the weekend limits our growth potential. We are already using all 3 ½ miles of trap line available. With this move we now have ample space to add participants and events to the program.

    2. IT is ALL about the kids!! The kids deserve their own event. The Grand American is of course the première trapshooting event in the world and in theory it seems like it would be great to hold the AIM event in the middle of the Grand. However the logistics behind holding two championship events simultaneously end up resulting in the impossible task of giving 100% to either of the events. The ATA wants to put their FULL support behind the AIM program and nothing but 100% is acceptable.

    3. Expansion from a two-day to four-day format will provide ample opportunity for the youth to participate in numerous events, while also providing a chance to learn more about trapshooting and its unique community of shooters. The new four-day format makes time available that could not previously be offered for more in-depth meetings with coaches, directors and Zone representatives along with time to have seminars, exhibits, clinics and dinners for the kids.

    4. The two largest attended youth trap events ever held were on a Monday and Tuesday. We understand the issues associated with moving the event away from the weekend. We do believe that the sacrifice will be awarded with the additional activities and events that the ATA will be able to offer.

    5. Participants have asked overwhelmingly for more events. One of the most suggested improvements to the AIM Grand is to have a Doubles and Handicap event. Being that those events are all available at the Grand with few participating we feel that the shooters feel more comfortable having an AIM Handicap and Doubles event. To be able to offer this we need space and time. By having the additional days we will be able to offer at least 300 registered targets.

    6. A further addition to the AIM Grand will be the inclusion of new shooting disciplines to the event schedule, possibly including skeet, sporting clays, rifle, pistol, air rifle, archery and a special TOP SHOT event. In conjunction with our sister organizations, AIM will offer prizes and trophies for these various events. Our hope is that the increase of disciplines will provide greater exposure to new shooters as well as a chance for experienced shooters to compete in a wider variety of events. The World Shooting and Recreational Complex, home of the AIM Grand, offers extensive facilities for the various disciplines that will make the youth’s shooting experience a truly unique experience and be one of the few national events that provides multi-discipline competitions solely to youth shooters.

    7. Of course there is also the fact that having the entire facility offers more RV/ Camper availability along with closer hotel accommodations.

    We want to stress that we did not come upon this decision without carefully looking at both sides. We truly feel that this move enables our athletes to compete in the premiere youth shooting sports event in the country. We hope that this gives our members the possibility to participate and be pioneers in an event that has the potential to grow into a sporting event that is recognized as THE outdoor youth sportsman’s championship. We believe that AIM has the ability to grow into a program that will help forever shape this country’s thoughts on the shooting sports. To accomplish this we feel that it is necessary to expand. We understand that change is hard and we hope that you will continue to support this great youth program.
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