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Navy SEAL shoots himself in head showing

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by pyrdek, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. pyrdek

    pyrdek Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    "he tried to demonstrate how safe it was by putting it to his head and pulling the trigger." !!!!!

    Anyone want to guess just how much alcohol was consumed?

    SAN DIEGO -- A 22-year-old Navy SEAL was gravely wounded early Thursday when he shot himself in the head at his Pacific Beach home while trying to convince a companion that the pistol he was showing off was safe to handle, authorities said.

    The shooting in the 1800 block of Grand Avenue left the sailor on life support at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, according to San Diego police. Authorities initially reported that the man had died but later said he remained alive at a hospital on life support equipment.

    The serviceman, who had been drinking with a woman at a bar before they returned to his residence, was showing her his 9 mm handgun when the accident occurred, SDPD Officer Frank Cali said.

    The man offered to let his friend hold the weapon, which he mistakenly believed was unloaded, according to Cali. When she declined, he tried to demonstrate how safe it was by putting it to his head and pulling the trigger.
    The sailor, whose name was not released, graduated recently from the Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams program, which trains elite special-operations tactical units. He was a member of a San Diego-based SEAL time, the Navy said.

    Commodore Collin P. Green, commander of Naval Special Warfare Group ONE. released the following statement: "On behalf of the entire Naval Special Warfare community, we are deeply saddened by this unfortunate incident and extend both our hearts and prayers to our teammate's family during this very difficult time."

    It is sad to see this SEAL show such disregard of basic safety. His carelessness will probably cost him his life.

    Meanwhile, a 23 year old Airman Bomb Disposal specialist was killed in Afghanistan. He was a good friend of my 23 year old daughter who also serves in the same VFD. His father is an Assistant Chief in the same company and had his gear locker right next to his, now deceased, son. The Airman was one of three killed in the same blast.

    One lost serving his country and one lost screwing around mixing alcohol and gunpowder. We can grieve for both of their families along with the families of the other two Airmen killed in Afghanistan.
  2. Brian in Oregon

    Brian in Oregon Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Deplorable Bitter Clinger in Liberal La La Land
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