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Muslim Heritage in America.

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by Barrelbulge(Fl), Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Barrelbulge(Fl)

    Barrelbulge(Fl) TS Supporters TS Supporters

    Aug 27, 2007
    West Central Florida
    Have you ever been to a Muslim hospital?

    Have you ever been to a Muslim hospital, heard a Muslim
    orchestra, seen a Muslim band march in a parade,
    witnessed a Muslim charity, shaken hands with a
    Muslim Girl Scout, seen a Muslim Candy Striper,
    or seen a Muslim do anything that contributes
    positively to the American way of life ????
    The answer is no, you did not. Just ask yourself WHY ?

    Barack Obama, during his Cairo speech, said:
    "I know, too, that Islam has always been a part
    of America 's history."


    Dear Mr. Obama:

    Were those Muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians.

    Were those Muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving
    day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.

    Can you show me one Muslim signature on the United States Constitution?

    Declaration of Independence ? Bill of Rights?

    Didn't think so.

    Did Muslims fight for this country's freedom from England? No.

    Did Muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America ? No, they did not. In fact, Muslims to this day are
    still the largest traffickers in human slavery. Your own half-brother, a devout Muslim, still advocates slavery himself, even though Muslims of Arabic descent refer to black Muslims as "pug nosed slaves." Says a lot of what the Muslim world really thinks of your family's "rich Islamic heritage," doesn't it Mr. Obama?

    Where were Muslims during the Civil Rights era of this country? Not present.

    There are no pictures or media accounts of Muslims walking side by side with Martin Luther King, Jr. or
    helping to advance the cause of Civil Rights.

    Where were Muslims during this country's Woman's Suffrage era? Again, not present. In fact, devout Muslims demand that women are subservient to men in the Islamic culture. So much so, that often they are beaten for not wearing the 'hajib' or for talking to a man who is not a
    direct family member or their husband. Yep, the Muslims are all for women's rights, aren't they?

    Where were Muslims during World War II? They were
    aligned with Adolf Hitler. The Muslim grand mufti himself met with Adolf Hitler, reviewed the troops, and accepted support from the Nazi's in killing Jews.

    Finally, Mr. Obama, where were Muslims on Sept. 11th,
    2001? If they weren't flying planes into the World Trade Center , the Pentagon, or a field in Pennsylvania killing more than 3,000 citizens on our own soil, they were rejoicing in the Middle East .

    No one can dispute the pictures shown from all parts of the Muslim world celebrating on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other cable news network’s that day. Strangely, the very "moderate" Muslims who's asses you bent over backwards to kiss in Cairo , Egypt on June 4th were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.

    And THAT, Mr. Obama, is the "rich heritage" Muslims have here in America .

    Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the Barbary Pirates.
    They were Muslim.

    And now we can add November 5, 2009 - the slaughter of American soldiers at Fort Hood by a Muslim major who is a doctor and a psychiatrist who was supposed to be counseling soldiers returning from battle in Iraq and Afghanistan and 2012 when these peaceful religious believers invaded our embassies – American soil, by the way – and killed our ambassador.

    That, Mr. Obama is the "Muslim heritage" in America

    Be sure to SEND IT TO ALL .

    Muslim Heritage, my foot. If you can't find time to share this message, consider yourself part of the problem!
  2. Catpower

    Catpower Molon Labe

    Jan 29, 1998
    In the Cabana
    And now the asshole is spending $70,000 on TV ads in Pakistan apologizing for some stupid movie because it upsets the poor muzzies

    I have a better idea spend 70,000 on another bomb and drop it on them
  3. SirMissalott

    SirMissalott Active Member

    Mar 29, 2006
    Twin Towers?
  4. oz

    oz Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    of course christopher columbus and his gang were muslims!!!!! the muslims gave us the statue of liberty, polio vaccine. aw siht, they gave us nothing but grief and death.
  5. butcher

    butcher Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    Well said Barrelbulge. The people in this country better wake up and vote those communist out of office.
  6. Francis Marion

    Francis Marion Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    I'm with cat power. Maybe a big fat ass bomb with 70,000 little bomblets in it that detonate about five feet off the ground. We could send the whole damn grease spot to allah and the fat smelly virgins.
  7. Steve W

    Steve W Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Los Angeles
    Approx. 0.8% of our population, about the lowest among developed western countries. Look at our European neighbors, they have much more to deal with, especially in elections .
  8. mnhomebrewer

    mnhomebrewer TS Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Maybe it is because they dont broadcast it. I will bet that they are indeed part of our society, albeit unknown.
    Right! There is nothing. Nothing documented. They were not the founding religion of the US. However, if you look at Jewish historical record those values are also founded by Abraham who is the father of Islam.
    I don't see anything else...
    Oh wait, algebra (al jabar) has nothing to do with the rest of America.
    We should ban algebra from textbooks too because it ha nothing to do with America.
    Seriously, get educated.
  9. WS-1

    WS-1 Banned User Banned

    Oct 28, 2009
    Yeah, Matt. They have fundraisers all the time. They just send the money to Al Queada so those cowardly little faggots can kill innocent children. You might want to look into a little education yourself. Say, you're not one of those sissified apologist pinko commie socialists, are you? Or do you just work at the Dept. of State?
  10. bigdogtx

    bigdogtx Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2006
    Can a good Muslim be a good American?

    This question was forwarded to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years.The following is his reply:

    Theologically - no.. Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon god of Arabia .

    Religiously - no... Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah except Islam. (Quran, 2:256)(Koran)

    Scripturally - no... Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam and the Quran.

    Geographically - no.. Because his allegiance is to Mecca , to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

    Socially - no... Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

    Politically - no.... Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of
    Israel and destruction of America , the great Satan.

    Domestically - no... Because he is instructed to marry four Women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him. (Quran 4:34 )

    Intellectually - no.. Because he cannot accept the AmericanConstitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

    Philosophically - no... Because Islam, Muhammad,
    and the Quran does not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

    Spiritually - no... Because when we declare 'one nation under God,' The Christian's God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran's 99 excellent names.

    Therefore, after much study and deliberation... Perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in in this country. - - - They obviously cannot be both 'good' Muslims and 'good' Americans. Call it what you wish it's still the truth.. You had better believe it. The more who understand this, the better it will be for our country and our future.

    The religious war is bigger than we know or understand!

    Footnote: The Muslims have said they will destroy us from within.
  11. BIGDON

    BIGDON Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Maybe you better check who is treating you the next time you go to the hospital. Make sure you tell him/her what a piece of shit you think muslims are before he starts treating you. I also know of a couple who own major manufacturing companies and they employ 1,000's of americans in the good old USA and not outsourcing.

    Look at those who protested in favor of the USA yesterday at risk of their lives.

    Yes the majority suck but there are a few good ones.

  12. slide action

    slide action Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    All I needed to know about Islam I learned on 911!!!-- and that crap about Abraham founding Islam is pure nonsense! Show me that in the Bible!! Abraham's God was the God of the Bible!--- As far as Islam, it was started by Mohamed and he wassn't even born util 500 AD!!!!!!!
  13. slide action

    slide action Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I don't HATE all muslims but I have NO use for their religion. I have read the Koran and it sure isn't about peace! It is about submisson to it and world domination BY it! Most of those I have gotten to know have secretly admitted that they know little of it, and were only muslim because they were forced into it or it was the religion of their parents! There is NO freedom of religion in muslim countries. Theyt persecute other religions and in most you are put to death if you leave Islam!
  14. Shooting Coach

    Shooting Coach Well-Known Member

    Sep 14, 2006
    Nashville Tn
  15. tiklop158

    tiklop158 Member

    Nov 26, 2009
    where can i buy one of those?
  16. Remdog1187

    Remdog1187 Well-Known Member

    Apr 1, 2009
    Probably on the road to another clays event.
    Islam is NOT a religion. It's a cult of hatred against humanity. No other religion on the planet has committed the atrocities that muslims have. They've been committing acts of WAR against the western world since the 70's. The biggest obstacle in their path for world domination is the freedom of the people in the USA. It's time our politicians stopped treating it as religion. They are using our own freedom of religious beliefs against us to subvert our way of life and infiltrate our government. Their agenda has been dramatically furthered in the past 4 years by muslim sympathizer Obama. He's got to be removed or our freedom will falter and our country will be divided into something unimaginable by our forefathers.
  17. Johnny

    Johnny Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    some here need to do a little research.
  18. R.Kipling

    R.Kipling Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2007
    Algebra was NOT invented by the muslims. Check out the web site. So of us are falling for the Malignant media BS.

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