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Moulton Gun Club Sausage Shoot results

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by JB Logan Co. Ohio, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. JB Logan Co. Ohio

    JB Logan Co. Ohio TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Forgive my jumping the gun (no pun intended) if the Berlet's are or were going to give this report as I don't have all the specifics like I should. Anywho, the cold hangover day was quite windy, (Are all the sausage shoots this way? LOL) and overcast. I'm not sure the temperature got as high as the weather folks said it would but with the wind chill it was REAL COLD! The program consisted of 75 16 yd. targets and as those who shot it will attest to, we earned every one that was shot at. There were approx 36 or 37 squads that took to the line after many sausage sandwiches along with sourkraut were consumed. The winner again this year was St. Mary's own John Mueller who ran a 75X75. This was good shooting in such crappy conditions. I am unaware if there were any 74X75 but there were a few 73X75's, including Rick Springer from the Lima Oh. area. There were others but I apologize that I didn't remember their names, hopefully someone will chime in with a few of the other names.

    It appeared to be a whale of a shoot with that many squads. There were a few trap issues but as I said it was COLD. I didn't want to move very fast either so I know what the traps felt like. Everyone did get finished and took home at least a pound of delicious sausage each. Some had to cart their booty out of the clubhouse in a target box. The fried eggs will definitely have some company in the coming weeks.

    I'd like to thank the Berlet family who once again put on a good shoot and did I mention the great sausage??? It was a raw day and the trap help did their best. I can't say I did very good but I was breaking in a new release trigger so it was a learning day for me. I only forget to set it once somewhere in my 65th to 70th target. I just happened to flinch as well since I didn't set the release so I struggled to pull the trigger (forgot I had the release trigger) then realized I needed to set it which I did and tried to shoot the bird about 2 feet off the ground. No I didn't break it if there were any lingering questions. Overall I had a great time shooting in the weather and seeing many old friends I haven't seen in a while.

    Until next time...Sincerely,

    JB=Jerry Beach 8503917
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