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Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Pride Engineer, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. Pride Engineer

    Pride Engineer Member

    Sep 14, 2008
    Yes shooters, the MN Dog Squad not only has created a stir in the many fields of competition in the ATA, but they have now extended their endeavors to the hunting fields of North Dakota as well. Two Dog squad regulars escorted some past wannabes and a new potential recruit to Devils Lake, North Dakota this past weekend to hunt the fast flying waterfowl. The Piddler and The Prez decided to forego the Mo. Fall Handicap to hunt ducks and allow fellow Dog Squad member, Almost Hairless, to have a chance at a few trophies at the fall Handicap! Hairless was invited to attend the duck shoot but he opted for the Fall Handicap when he realized he would be there alone. Nobody has ever accused Hairless of being stupid you know. Also missing of course were the infamous Big Dog, who was rumored to be restarting his porn career back in the city of Duluth, MN. with his new flick "Why I Like Sheep" and The Schnauzer, who was apparently tied up by his hot bitch, Penny The Poodle. With three squad members missing, the Prez and the Piddler collared The Cheese Dog and the Sewer Dog from past shoots and added The Old Piddler for humor to the group. After all, this pack of dogs has always retrieved better when the full contingent of five were present.

    The hunt began like one might expect, The Piddler and the Prez retrieved the biggest share of the birds early before a fast close by The Sewer Dog who suddenly started dropping everything in sight. Yes, The Sewer Dog showed he is much better at retrieving ducks then he is clay targets. Several high flyers were no match for this dogs killer instinct and the fast crossers seemed to fare no better. The Piddler or The Prez seemed to be able to simply point the Sewer Dog in the right direction and this bird buster would respond. Undoubtedly this rapid improvement was due to the expert coaching of The Prez and The Piddler. The Sewer Dog in fact turned into such a killer that we are recommending he enroll in a post retrieve stress class upon his arrival back home in Duluth.

    The Cheese Dog on the other hand seemed a bit weak on the crossers. He was solid on the on comers but had no clue on the low, fast screamers that crossed every which way in front of us. He, in fact, was so over matched, he opted for the safety of the motel kennel under the excuse "it was raining." Now how a big tough Wisconsin Dog could be so easily deterred is hard to understand. We could only conclude he missed the warmth of his bitch dog, The Cheese Curd.

    Now, The Old Piddler was another story. It was easy to see where The Piddler got his quirks. Yes, The older version yipped and wimpered when he missed, just like the young Piddler. And yes, he carried a doubled barreled gun, with short barrels of course, just like the young Piddler. And yes, events during the weekend left us all wondering about this dogs sexuality, just like the young Piddler. But one couldn't help wonder if maybe there was a difference between these two dogs, at least in one area anyway. Several times, the old guy would have to relieve himself during the days hunt. It was during these moments that maybe a difference was apparent. You see, when the young Piddler has to go, he finds himself the desired spot, and he's able to lift his leg and just let fly. The Old Piddler has a bit more difficulty performing this task however. Let us just say, his name might have to be changed soon to The Dribbler!!

    Reporting from the safety of my home in Lakeville, Mn., Mark Zauhar, your roving Dog Squad scribe and kennel master.
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