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Discussion in 'Site Help and Support' started by George MT., Sep 5, 2016.

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  1. George MT.

    George MT. Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Northwest MT.
    Here are some basics on using the Members for Sale Section, if you have questions please PM me.

    The Members for Sale section of Trapshooters.com has a minimum posting system similar to other forums to
    gain access to use.
    To advertise a item for sale a member must have 50 open forum posts before they can list a item.
    Please keep your posts quality and on topic(no TTT--Nice Gun--and various other 1-3 word posts) Cluster Posting in this fashion to reach 50 posts will not be tolerated. THE MEMBERS FOR SALE SECTION IS FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS. THE AD'S ARE NOT THERE FOR RANDOM COMMENT POSTINGS IN A EFFORT TO REACH 50 POSTs.
    Posting Threads complaining about the 50 post rule will be deleted.It is a rule-if you have questions please contact admin.
    Trapshooters.com has Shooting Related/Off Topic/Political/Hunting/Reloading and other sub forums so
    finding topics to comment on should not be difficult.
    Do Not use multiple screen names. This is not allowed on Trapshooters.com

    Trapshooters.com went to a minimum posting system to help prevent the following.
    1. Scammers not only trying to sell but others that mine email and want to introduce maleware into your
    PC via email ect.
    2.Non supporting vendors such as Pawn Shops--Bait and Tackles--Second Hand Stores ect. from abusing
    the Members for Sale Section.
    3.People who list a item and are not really forum members and just list their item on Trapshooters.com and
    many other places and do not answer postings to their ad or mark it sold ect. and just go with where ever
    is sells first and do not maintain their ad.

    Please list one gun at a time, if you are listing some basic accessories like choke tubes ect. please combo them
    into one ad to be sold as a group or one at a time per ad.
    Please list one ad at a time till marked sold.

    When listing your item for sale:
    Use quality pictures
    Please be accurate on the condition of your merchandise and specifications.

    Do not list your email on the open forum(Scammers/Hackers of all types look for this)
    One Bump per day on your ad---Constant bumping and TTT will not be tolerated.
    When your item is sold please mark it as such.

    For Sale Ads are by definition just that--someone's for sale ad is not a open place to discuss how you feel
    about their merchandise--how they are advertising it--what they should be selling it for or if you would buy it or not. If you are buying or have legit questions great but any derogatory comments on someone's ad will not be tolerated. You cannot do this on a print ad so do not do it here. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE 50 OPEN FORUM POSTS PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THE FOR SALE ADS, IF YOU ARE BUYING A SIMPLE I WILL TAKE IT--YOU HAVE A PM WORKS PERFECTLY--ALL QUESTIONS ON THE ITEM FOR SALE ARE BEST ADDRESSED VIA PM TO THE SELLER.
    Please no second party sales at this at times creates confusion and can be seen as circumventing the min. 50 post rule.
    Please do not operate on Trapshooters.com with 2 or more screen names on your account. This creates confusion when admin. is trying to help you with a logon problem ect. If you have trouble logging on please contact admin. and do not log on multiple screen names. In case where a member is operating with more than one screen name this is considered deceptive and will not be allowed on Trapshooters.com
    In reference to selling hulls on Trapshooters.com--becoming a Sponsoring Vendor is required.
    In reference to selling reclaimed shot on Trapshooters.com becoming a Sponsoring Vendor is required.
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