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Maywood SC 7-29 Results

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Marco Polo, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    07-29-2007 Shoot <br>
    Illini Indian Northern Zone Shoot <br.
    Maywood Sportsmen’s Club <br>
    Elmhurst , Illinois <br>
    Event #1 100 singles <br>
    AA-1st Tad Horton 100 <br>
    AA-2nd Scott Smolkovich 100<br>
    A – 1st Ashley Vannuffelen 100<br>
    A –2nd Jeff Miller 99<br>
    B-1st Sam Persico 99<br>
    B -2nd Chris Moore 98<br>
    C-1st Robert Seetin 96<BR>
    C-2nd Mike Evans 96<BR>
    D-1st Mike DeJohn 94<BR>
    D-2nd Chip VanderVeen 89<BR>
    Lady Donna Guerin 93<BR>
    Sub-Junior Anthony Fortino 87<BR>
    Junior <BR>
    SR. Vet Joe Spradley 95<br>
    Veteran George Krach 96<BR>
    High Maywood Member Mike Accari 99<br>
    AA Tad Horton 100 <br>
    A Ashley Vannuffelen 100 <BR>
    B Sam Persico 99 <BR>
    C Mike Evans 96 <BR>
    D Dave Buker 89 <br>
    Lady Donna Guerin 93 <BR>
    JR Ashley Vannuffelen 100 <BR>
    SUB JR Anthony Fortino 87<br>
    VET George Krach 96<br>
    SR VET Joe Spradley 95<BR>
    Event #2 100 Handicap Targets <br>
    19-21 Yards 1st Alan Prokopek 98 <br>
    19-21 Yards 2nd Roger Dobratz 93(t) <br>
    22-23 yards 1st Greg Monnet 95 <br>
    22-23 yards 2nd Ed Steinhoff 94 <br >
    24-25 yards 1st Jim Juban 95 <BR>
    24-25 yards 2nd Mark Elliot 95<br>
    26-27 yards 1st Mark Johnson 93<br>
    26-27 yards 2nd Charles Calhoun 92<br>
    High Indian Handicap James Juban <br>
    19-21 Ray Plumber<br>
    22-23 Greg Monnet<BR>
    24-25 Jim Juban<br>
    26-27 Mark Johnson<BR>

    Event #3 50 Pair Doubles <br>

    A 1st Tad Horton 92<br>
    A 2ND Mike Modre 91<br>
    B 1st Ashley Vannuffelen 90 <br>
    B 2ND Tom Guerin 88<BR>
    C 1st Dave Bukker 86<br>
    C 2ND Ed Steinhoff 86<BR>
    D 1st Kelcey Depatis 79<br>
    D 2ND Richard Forgue 69<br>
    A Tad Horton<BR>
    B Ashley Vannuffelen<BR>
    C Dave Buker<br>
    D Kelcey DePatis<BR>
    High Over All Tad Horton 284<br>
  2. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Correction made ....added HOA
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