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Life is plenty okeh-dokeh ...

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by goatskin, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. goatskin

    goatskin TS Member

    Jun 24, 2009
    I got in a bag of Federal 12C1 wads today ... yep, 12C1, 2-piece, red-base, air cushion ... soft, flexible, transparent.

    While I was showering with those wads, Croesus-style, a miscellaneous booger spooked my gundog and he raised his head off the sack of Federal Papers that was his pillow, sloshing a few out onto the floor.

    Hey ... *EYE* can read Divine Commandments just fine, thankyewverymuch.

    I dug out a Lee Loader, a sleeve of Fed209A primers, the jug of PB, a handful of new Gold bullets I cut to get some 7½ lead shot and a small tin of 'lip balm', 60% beeswax and 40% paraffin, which I sat on my wife's pot-pour-e burner.

    A few minutes later, I had four 'old' bullets, and the dog was as excited as I was, so I grabbed an old hammer double and me and the dog went for a walk behind Wal-Mart ... about 50 years behind Wal-Mart to be a little more accurate.

    About a quarter-mile off, three crows looked like they were about to commit predation. Close-enough, says I, and I fired a pair for'ards and a pair aft of'em ... confusing the dog, of course, as he pays more attention to what I'm supposed to be doing than what I actually am doing.

    I stuck three of the empties in my shirt pocket so their perfume would be amplified by body-heat and waft a little (or a lot) and picked up a couple of the perfectly used, elegantly collapsed 12C1 wads, and using them for totems and worry-beads, the dog and I walked slowly, contentedly home.

    The fourth hull ...? I left it in the field, for God's bemusement, of course. Everybody knows God shoots Federal Papers.

    Life is plenty OK.

  2. GW22

    GW22 Active Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    Hmmm, very interesting. Don't get caught with more than an ounce of that.

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