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Life imitates fiction?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by pyrdek, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. pyrdek

    pyrdek Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    NW PA
    In just the past few days I have run across many amazing "coincidences" in works of, supposed, fiction that track very closely with what we are now hearing as news.

    Fiction: "Person of Interest" tv show. Government has built a huge data center capable of tracking people all over the country and predicting future activities. "The Machine" was originally located in Utah in at least one or two shows.

    Fact: NSA is currently building a tremendously powerful "data center" to correlate all the data it is gathering from around the world.

    Fiction: Tom Clancy novel "Threat Vector" a communist China People's Liberation Army" computer group hacks it way into "supposedly" secure government communications channel and public and private computer networks around the world. They plan on using this in a cyberwar against the U.S. while taking over the South China Sea resources. Use of remote Access Trojans is the main route to accomplish this comprimising of computers.

    Fact: China has been found to be taking many actions to gather military intelligence and economic secrets in a highly sophisticated espionage computer operation. Remote Access Trojans found in many systems of both civilian and military origin.

    Fiction: In "Threat Vector" a FBI agent who was comprised by this Chinese Cyberwar center provides a device to insert tracking malware on a U.S. agents cell phone. It took less than a minute for this hidden software to be installed using the cell phone's battery charging port.

    Fact: Georgia Tech researchers discover way to hack into iPhones and iPads using the 30 pin battery charging connector in about a minute. Read about it for yourself <a href"http://www.zdnet.com/researchers-to-demo-iphone-hack-via-30-pin-dock-cable-7000016443/?s_cid=rSINGLE&ttag=rSINGLE"> Here. </a>

    Fiction: Numerous book and movie story lines showing government agents spying, harassing and setting up "stings" (false flag operations?) and even sacrificing US citizens for their own political and/or economic gain.

    Fact: IRS harassment, "Fast & Furious" gun running. Benghazi attack failure to respond and subsequent falsifications. Homeland Security massive ammo purchases.

    All of these "coincidences" occurred within the past few months and the fictional accounts were out in public several months to years before the actual factual actions took place. I have to wonder, what will the next "coincidence" be?