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Krieghoff choke tube troubles.

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Stl Flyn, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Stl Flyn

    Stl Flyn Banned User Banned

    Apr 6, 2010
    I shot my KS-5 Special this weekend and decided to put my original choke #3 that came with the gun in. I had been shooting Wright's tubes prior, for maybe a year.

    I cleaned the threads of both the barrel and the tube very thoroughly with cleaner and a copper brush and swabbed both. I put some ant-seize grease on the tube and inserted it to hand tight. Then a little snug up with the wrench.

    Mind you this is the choke that I had shot for at least ten years prior. I did not drop the tube ever, or crush it. It always went right from the gun to the container provided, unless cleaning at home.

    When I was shooting this weekend I was shooting factory loaded WW super target shell. Which is unusual for me, as I shoot almost exclusively reloads. These where given to me. Anyway, I remember being on station 1, and shooting, when the report sounded different. Not much, but I just thought I might have reloaded a light shell at the time, because that is usually all I shoot. Even now that I have talked with my Father In-Law, that I was shooting with even knew about the different sound. He said you where on station 1. I kept shooting but looked down the barrel after it seemed that the report was louder, and more recoil. This was after I had moved to station 3. I could see what looked like just a very very small piece of plastic sticking up where the choke tube seats to the barrel. Shot the rest with no problems.

    After I went down to clean the gun today, I took the choke tube out. It seemed hard to twist out at first, but then removed easier as I got it to the end. To my dismay, the rim of the choke was about 2/3 gone. This is the thin section, about a 1/16" before the threading that snuggs up against the barrel bore. I cleaned up the threads on the barrel and re-installed my Wrights tubes along with the other K-tubes. When I look down the barrel I can see just a very slight edge sticking out from the barrel on the top right of all the tubes. The barrel is not bulged, or out of round in any way. When I look down the barrel, you can almost see that the choke tube threading may be just slightly off center.

    Anyone ever notice this before? What surprises me most is that it happened now, and not long ago. Is it possible that the barrel may have changed ever so slightly to cause the tube to install slightly off line to center?

    I am calling Krieghoff in the morning, but just thought I might ask here for now. Thanks, Jon
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