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Kettlefoot Gun Club Bristol, VA May 25

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by postmastertim, May 21, 2013.

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  1. postmastertim

    postmastertim Wheels are falling off....

    Dec 3, 2009
    ATA Life Member #1013962
    Kettlefoot is having an ATA registered shoot May 25, 2013. This shoot will have beautiful Hunting Knifes for trophies. There will be a very large knife for HOA and smaller versions for class and yardage groups. Hope to see everyone Saturday, see attached program for details.

    Bristol, Virginia
    MAY 25, 2013

    Classification 9:00AM – Start Time 10:00PM
    Event 1 ---- 100 Singles
    Classes A-B-C
    25 Option $5.00

    Event 2 ---- 100 Handicap
    Yardage Groups 18-21.5, 22-24.5, 25-27
    **Middle 50 option $5.00

    Event 3 ---- 50 Pair Doubles
    Classes A-B-C

    Entry fees are $25.00 for 1 event, $47.00 for 2 events and $65.00 for 3 events.
    Junior and Sub-Junior fee $18.00 per 100

    ATA and VTA Fees -- $6.00 per day.

    Club will provide meal.
    **Middle 50 options** (see attached sheet for details)

    The Middle 50 is up to $1500.00.
    Must be 2 people per class or group to receive trophy.

    ATA rules will govern all events and will be used for classification of all ATA shooters.

    The Management reserves the right to reject any entry who, in their sole judgment, would interfere with the harmony of the shoot, and if necessary postpone or cancel any portion of the program due to weather, attendance, and/or other sufficient cause.
    Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Club or the ATA will not be responsible for any personal injury or property damage during this program.

    Bill Skeen ---- 276-628-2077, Wayne Wills ---- 423-878-2512,
    Richard Colley----423-863-3611, email rc34@charter.net

    Directions to Club
    I-81 to Exit 1 in Bristol, Virginia. Follow Rt. 58 West (Gate City Highway) for approximately 2 ½ miles to Rt. 700. Take a right on Rt. 700 and then take an immediate left onto Potter’s Road. Go approximately ¼ - ½ mile Club entrance on right.

    (Revised 04/22/10)
    Kettlefoot Rod and Gun Club
    Middle 50 Rules

    1. The Middle 50 option at the monthly ATA shoots will be conducted as follows effective 05/01/2009.

    2. Shooters must sign up and pay for Middle 50 purse before shooting.

    3. Shooter must participate in the Middle 50 option in 3 shoots within the current or previous year to be eligible for the full Middle 50 purse.

    4. Any shooter who has not participated in the Middle 50 option for 3 shoots will only be eligible for their portion of the daily purse.

    5. “Daily Purse” is defined as only the Middle 50 option money received for that days shoot. In the event a qualified contestant wins the Middle 50. The daily purses for that shoot will carry over to start the purse for the next shoot.

    6. Kettlefoot guarantees a minimum of $100.00 in the Middle 50 pot. This is not to be confused with the daily purse. The Middle 50 is only for shooters qualifying as listed above and breaking all of the Middle 50 targets.

    7. In the event of a tie, and if one of the shooters has not played the option 3 times he will only be eligible for his portion of the daily purse. Example. Today’s money received is 50.00 and the Middle 50 purse is 1000.00. One shooter who has played the Middle 50 options for 3 events ties with someone who has only played the option once. The shooter playing the option for 3 times will receive all of the 1000.00 and none of the daily purse. The shooter who has only played the option 1 time will receive the daily pot of 50.00. If both shooters have played the option 3 times, the total purse of 1000.00 will be divided equally. If both shooters have only played the option once they will divide the daily pot of 50.00.

    8. 100% of the Middle 50 purse as posted in the shoot program is returned to winning shooters.

    9. If no winners, the option money will accumulate up to $1500.00. Then additional moneys will be placed into the next middle 50 purse.
    This should keep the Middle 50 purse at an enticing amount all the time.
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